Jack Humphrey’s Power Linking 2: Evolution Launches With a Bang!

(PRWEB) July 20, 2003

Richmond, IN – Following up on the 2002 original ebook “Power

Linking Your Way to 1 Million Hits,” Jack Humphrey unleashed his

latest creation this week to rave reviews.

“Power Linking 2: Evolution” is the latest in Humphrey’s series

of website promotion courses that has webmasters around the

globe buzzing with excitement, even though it is only 5 days old.

Humphrey is a professional, full-time online marketing

consultant with several domains selling everything from hosting

to a cookbook for dogs. But his biggest success seems to be

sharing his website marketing techniques with webmasters in the

“mom and pop” business niche.

Since Power Linking deals with strictly free or low-cost

internet advertising methods, his appeal to low-budget

webmasters seems to know no boundaries.

“I have been using Jack’s Power Linking methods for just under a

year with my sites, and I have never been happier with my

traffic. I continue to grow my marketing business month after

month and I owe it all to learning the “guerilla” tactics Jack

lays out in his books.” said Peter Lenkefi, who runs


Indeed, it seems that Humphrey has a very loyal following among

information and affiliate marketers who want to generate more

profits from sites that were little more than ghost towns before

they picked up his first book.

The claims at his new site promoting Power Linking 2 are so bold,

that it is hard to imagine Humphrey is able to come through on

his promises. Yet, there are many verifiable testimonials from

“power linkers” from all kinds of markets that swear by Humphrey’

s tactics. (See http://power-linking-profits.com)

“We hover between #1 and #3 at Google for the keyword “safelist

submitter,” which is a dead-on keyword for our market. And we

got it by utilizing a lot of the tactics in Power Linking,” says

Trey Koehler of SafelistWorld.com.

“I am really surprised that I haven’t been copied that much in

the last year by other website promotion experts. Usually you

never get the chance to release a second version of your work

online with much success because people see a good thing and

want to pick it apart and copy it for their own profit. That’s

why you hardly ever see a part two of anything online. But I

guess the topic just isn’t sexy enough for others to write

about” Humphrey said.

“Sexy” or not, sales of Power Linking 2 are reported to be more

than double the first week’s release of last year.

Power Linking looks like a good bet for “garage” webmasters who

want to get a foothold in their market despite not having access

to big advertising dollars larger companies use to attract


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