Jake Gyllenhaal Finds the Humor in ‘Source Code’

Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan talk about the humor and the ambiguous ending of their new sci-fi thriller ‘Source Code’ at the film’s Los Angeles premiere. (March 29)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal Finds the Humor in ‘Source Code’

  1. one of the best movie of jake, this something that will make u think up until the end..good job jake gyllenhaal, and ur getting really good looking compare when u were young/ 🙂

  2. Q: At the ending, why Goodwin can receive message from shawn’s source code world? A: It is not the real world Goodwin, it is the Goodwin in source code.( a whole new world being created)

  3. My understanding of the ending was that the source code puts the subject in an alternative timeline. In timeline A, there was a terrorist attack, and Gyllenhaal’s character ended up dying. In timeline B Gullenhaal’s assumes the identity of the teacher and stops the terrorist attack, he also contacts the Source Code organization in timeline B.

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