James Schramko Reveals Smart SEO Methods That Amplify the Power of Unique Content and Quality Images to Improve Website Ranking In A Dynamic Search Algorithm Environment

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) August 18, 2012

The latest informational video news from SEO specialist and SuperFastBusiness.com CEO James Schramko affirms that classic approaches can be revitalized with new strategies to achieve greater results. He demonstrates this principle by showing how the long-established approach of adding fresh content and compelling images to a website can even be more influential by integrating it with innovative web positioning tactics. These approaches are also in tune with the latest Google web ranking policy updates.

In June and July, according to their blog, Google updated 86 things to their algorithm. Its a big long list but I went through it and I found this: Its all about page freshness, its all about page quality, and its about the ability to detect synonyms and dictionary definitions, Schramko says. He emphasized the importance of original, frequently updated unique content, and the use of authentic rewrites instead of simply spinning original articles.

He also discussed the importance of paying attention to image quality and appropriate labeling. Theyre trying to get better image search results so remember to name all of your images with an appropriate relevant name, he suggests, adding that the images on his own news update posts have been confirmed to improve search results quality.

Schramko emphasizes the power of images to elicit a strong emotional response. Websites with images that inform, educate or entertain can attract a loyal following, bring high traffic and sell products more effectively. To maximize great images, he distributes them through sites such as Pinterest to get a higher search result.

Schramko acknowledges that this renewed approach to publishing relevant content, in terms of both images and text, are geared towards making websites more attractive to the most powerful search engine today. Google market share is significantly large, he says. Thats why were always talking about Google. Theyre still the dominant player.

The Internet marketing coach also calls for businesses to build their brand, use the brand name for links, and use non-keyword target links for their SEO campaigns. You should be getting a natural mix of links to your site with just your site name or your brand name, rather than just keyword bombing your homepage, he stresses. Have at least one of your keywords that you get us to help you with, be your brand name or your straight URL.

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