Janoskians Question and Answer #2

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12 Responses to Janoskians Question and Answer #2

  1. Booitscaragh says:

    Jai seems so pleased with himself when he explains abot his most embarrassing moment;)

  2. catster14 says:

    Awww when Beau says ” Awe that’s soo cute!” to Daniel XD <3 ahaha

  3. ZaiynaBiber says:

    awwrh that was soo cute when jai kissed james on the cheek <3 :$

  4. nicoletje12345678 says:

    the third person is handsome!

  5. SchayanAndArian says:

    Subscribe My channel and I will sub back… Thanks

  6. theFlanster05 says:

    luke. dont worry. i scared of crossing roads too. ican’t simply walk, i have to run just incase theres a car coming(;

  7. LelehStyles says:

    OMG Spik is fake brazilian I’M BRAZILIAN LOL

  8. 4evaOneDirectionlove says:

    Jai is dating Ariana and James is dating Veronica sorry to burst your bubble.

  9. julia kathleen says:

    James is so adorable aww

  10. LLGirl321 says:

    5:55 DANIEL HAS HIS NIPPLE PEIRCED…hahahahahaha

  11. LLGirl321 says:

    Jai is dating Ariana Grande…this was filmed in February

  12. jenny link says:

    YES! They’re S-I-N-G-L-E !!!!!!

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