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  1. It still doesn’t seem logical. Yes, the people from Japan in the past caused a disaster, but that was in the past. The present people didn’t cause it. I don’t feel like there should be a need for hatred against the present people. The past people, maybe. But yeah, that’s my opinion.

  2. Probably 99.9% of the people killed or affected by this earthquake in the most devastating of ways had nothing to do with WWII. You are 100% a disgrace to whatever land you come from if you think anyone deserves this.

  3. Not trying to justify what he said, but clearly we’re dealing with someone who was raised by a father who lost his father to the japanese in ww2. Thats bound to make anyone bitter. that bitterness was then passed on. Theres a reason for everything.

  4. Right! That does not make this NATURAL disaster any less painful to these people. Yeah, people, not, Japanese, not American, not Canadian, not Hungarians…. PEOPLES! Why does it make any difference what some people did more than 70 years ago when PEOPLES are suffering now!? I have no sympathy for PEOPLE like you!

  5. I’m sorry for replying so late, but you’re vastly misinformed. The atomic bombs were dropped 4 months after Germany surrendered. The reason was to force a surrender from Japan before Russia could invade. USA wanted a capitalist Japan. Also, Japan would have joined the Allies had Wilson not vetoed the racial equality bill Japan proposed to the league of nations. And Pearl harbour happened because the US was defending its allies’ racist/colonial interests.

  6. What volcano? Sure a super volcano like the one in yellowstone is big enough to wipe out entire cities with the ash clouds alone, but not to cause a new ice age. Every super volcano on the earth would have to erupt simultaneously for that to happen, and the chance for that is like 0. Tectonic plates have been moving since the earth was born. In periods a lot, other periods not so much. This is all we’re seeing here. Japan just happens to lay right next to the most active plates…

  7. Here it 2012-03-31 and the swarms continue, God help us all. On The 14th of this month there were 10 mag 4.6 to 6.9, the ice is melting and the continents must move to maintain balance. Were returning to another ice age and this is what precedes the volcano’s that turn out the lights, true polar wandering

  8. Better make the big quakes’ circles much bigger. Magnitude is a log scale, you know, and it’s actually close to our real feel, living on this archipelago, like this: watch?v=a6_fb8RTY_8

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