Japan: Robot Nation: Vanguard

Japan: Robot Nation: Vanguard

Japan, the world’s second largest economy, is facing a demographic crisis that will shrink the population dramatically. The Japanese aren’t having babies, and the country won’t accept immigrants to help bolster the population. But Japan may have a unique solution — Robots! “Vanguard,” airing Mondays at 9/8c on Current TV, is a no-limits documentary series whose award-winning correspondents put themselves in extraordinary situations to immerse viewers in global issues that have a large social significance. VIEW more Vanguard & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Playlist here… www.youtube.com

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23 Responses to Japan: Robot Nation: Vanguard

  1. LondonGeee says:

    Thy people are quite weird sometimes!

  2. jxsilicon9 says:

    Yea I see Americans in other countries acting like fucking assholes. But the French were voted as the worst tourists.But the creepiest tourists I’ve ever seem come from places like UK,France,etc. Especially in places like Thailand. Just disgusting people. The Japanese are nice but Koreans are fucking assholes.

  3. doozer667 says:

    Less and less Americans are fitting that stereotype as time goes on. Relationships require both a man and a woman. If all Japanese men chose civilized, educated foreign women or all Japanese women chose civilized, educated foreign men your society will stay civilized and educated. You don’t really have to be dependent on foreigners as wives/husbands anyway. You can marry each other Love and sex are part of the caring nature of society. Less love and sex leads to a less caring society.

  4. ftheworlds says:

    STILL SINGLE AT 30????!!!!????? And I have to live in Canada?

  5. Reo Kin says:

    Really interesting documentary.Oh my! It impressed me the fact that working mothers are discriminated. that’s so unfair. I also couldn’t believed that people that descend from foreigners are treated like foreigners. They are born and raised in the country, though. They are like threatened. It’s sad to know they the japanese would never accept inmigrants. The Robots’ thing is a stupid solution, in my opinion. Well, I also think oneself should experience the society and draw their own conclusions

  6. Jogir Jir says:

    I like Hentai

  7. climid says:

    my face when i see creepy robots 20:48

  8. Matthew Quevedo says:

    I miss the old Current…

  9. bluehartz13 says:

    LOL reading the truth hurts dosnt it , and bitching about how many real people in the world does you no justice. ignoramus

  10. happosai27 says:

    namecalling and bitching like little girls is all your kind can do

  11. BadassBikerOwns says:

    I sympathize those Japanese kids. Not only do they have to bear the burden of supporting the economy of an aging country, they also have to pay extra tax so that the government uses it on elderly. And as statistics show, countries with low birth rates have high suicide rates among youngsters. If I’m a Japanese born in the 21st century, I’d rather flee to a developing country. Even Africa would be a better choice.

  12. bluehartz13 says:

    Your thinking is invalid, you pedo stalker

  13. happosai27 says:

    trollaccount without anything on it. your voice is invalid

  14. bluehartz13 says:

    bigot fool , somebody has to tell you

  15. happosai27 says:

    bad troll ;D

  16. bluehartz13 says:

    all japan has to do is drop their obsessiveness with porn, then you’ll see the population grow

  17. bluehartz13 says:

    your racist and ignorant

  18. arbide3 says:

    I am not Swedish.

  19. Stephen Sahara says:

    Shut your ignorant mouth you goddamn Swedish bastard. I hate Sweden, and I hate japan. I hate America and I hate Great Britain! I even hate my own country, hate every single thing on this fucking planet! Oh shit, I think I proved your point, damn….

  20. Stephen Sahara says:

    what if someone told that to your half-witted inbred dick sucking great-grandfather when he came to america? Hmm, go back to fucking Ireland or Poland or whatever. Japan is of pure blood for so many years, america is filled with immigrant trash. You are ‘american’ for how many generations? Stupid ignorant piece of shit. If god hates fag, then he must hate you a lot.

  21. Stephen Sahara says:

    Foreign Devils 

  22. Philly Blunt says:

    Psssst……you are a foreigner too.

  23. izabelleTV says:

    clearly he is saying women who has money to spend and injoy life are evil instead of staying home at the stove with kids tugging at her….what a fucking retard reporter.

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