Jason McDonald, a Top San Francisco SEO Consultant, Announces August Schedule

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 26, 2013

Jason McDonald, a top San Francisco SEO Consultant, is proud to announce his August teaching schedule. Dr. McDonald not only acts as an Internet marketing consultant but also teaches San Francisco SEO and Social Media Marketing training classes. Classes on his schedule include both AcademyX and BAVC locations. Each class is a ‘crash course’ in SEO and/or social media marketing full of fun, enthusiasm, and practical hands-on advice for busy small business owners and marketers.

“I just concluded my Stanford SEO / Social Media class to great success,” explained Dr. McDonald. “Although I enjoy SEO and SMM consulting, I really thrive on teaching; hence I will have classes at both BAVC and AcademyX in San Francisco, California, in August.”

To learn more about Dr. McDonald’s SEO and social media classes, visit http://www.jasonmcdonald.org/training where one can learn about his SEO consulting as well as SEO and social media marketing training classes in the Bay Area.


Internet marketing, unfortunately, often becomes an end in itself. Dr. McDonald’s classes, in contrast, emphasize practical Internet marketing strategy. What are the goals of the business? Who are the target customers? How can social media and/or SEO be used to a) attract new customers, b) build relationships with first-time customers, and c) extend existing relationships? Beyond that, a major question of Internet marketing is which social media or SEO tactic is the best fit for any given business. San Francisco SEO Consultant Jason McDonald – August Classes Some businesses should focus on blogs; others on Twitter; still others on Facebook or Youtube. A big part of each class lies in understanding how to identify a target social media that is truly appropriate for your business. Dr. McDonald’s SEO consulting service also use this practical methodology as does his social media trainings.


Topics covered include –

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