JCI Impact & Project Management

JCI Impact & Project Management
Event on 2013-07-06 10:00:00

Do you want to make an IMPACT in your local community and in your professional life?

Then this full day, high enery course is for you! 

Do you want to increase your project management skills? 

Throughout the day we will run workshops on the following topics, enabling you to run effective projects at work and in the community: 

  • making the most of online project management tools; 
  • creating project plans and running successful teams; 
  • building a project website and SEO tips; 
  • marketing projects, focusing on the use of social media and PR; and
  • evaluating projects, gathering feedback and lessons learned. 

All sessions will draw on the trainers' experience from JCI and their professional careers. 

Do you think YOU have the solution to an issue in your local community?

Being an active citizen is core to being a JCI member. However without the key skills and knowledge to your idea in the solution that could make the difference to a problem in your local community. We are therefore including a brilliant new course: JCI Impact. 

JCI Impact explores how becoming active citizens make long lasting positive changes in their communities. The course discusses the active citizenship concept, covers the analysis of community needs, the establishment of the real causes of problems and discusses the projects a local Chamber can conduct with other partners in order to create long lasting and definite positive changes in the community.

We will be including food and drink with the training to keep you fuelled thought the day!

Membership Information

JCI Sheffield membership is only £10 per month. Most of our events are £15 to attend for non-members so by signing up for a JCI Sheffield membership you can save money, even by attending one event per month! We average between 2-4 events per month with plenty of opportunities for training, networking and personal development. Why not sign up now and save money on your first event. Visit for more information.


at Holiday Inn Express Sheffield
Blonk Street
Sheffield, United Kingdom

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