Jeffrey M. Smith & Mike Adams: Biotech Industry Taking Over Our Food Supply 1/2

Mike also talks with Jeffrey M. Smith, author of the number one GMO bestseller Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette, both available at the Infowars store. [Go to the Infowarsshop and support this Author today.]

15 thoughts on “Jeffrey M. Smith & Mike Adams: Biotech Industry Taking Over Our Food Supply 1/2

  1. The foresight mentioned in my prior post isn’t really this. I meant the psych./phil./moral ability to very promptly oppose threats of committing war or any other violent and seriously unjust action. It’s easy to understand that refraining from violence is essential. That’s speaking of aggression though, for I also believe in right to DEFENCE ; well-measured, rather than exaggerated, preferably. We clearly can’t trust govt, Wall Street, …, which constantly lie. Trust them? I think not.

  2. Great interview! I lack sufficient sci. knowledge to do a critical review, but have a college dip. in pure & applied sci., a BSc in comp. sci., yrs with engineers, math folks, programmers, and others in industry and govt, tho never was a govt emp ; working contract/term and mostly as an emp. of an engineering consulting firm doing contracts. High school drop-out for several years, but mostly relied on common sense when it comes to pols, wars, injustice. And it’s been fruitful due to foresight.

  3. 1. All of Alex’s followers get a gun legally. We’ll need thousands of you.  2. Set up a rendezvous point to meet at at a later time, probably a week or so.  3. If you can, get in contact with Alex and inform him of this plan.  4. Storm the White House using sheer numbers, take the President hostage and demand the truth.  5. Others, take down as many government agencies and military institutions as possible.  6. Take over America and enact Alex Jones as leader, then truth will be truth.

  4. MY GOD !!! I wish I had video of the sludge that Monsanto made when I worked at Englehard. They literally sent 200 barrels of this black tar like sludge to be refined & the health effects were astounding. from birth defects to death. You couldn’t get a drop of this crap on your skin without risking some sort of major health problem. And this was a by product in the production of Round Up ! needless to say I got the hell off of that job ASAP ! And that wasn’t the worst !

  5. This is a sad commentary on people/society. We should not look at people as being obese, lazy, stupid or dumbed-down. We should recognize that most of these ppl are victims of bio-w@rfare. It’s because of the fluoridation, aspartame, HFCS, toxic pharma and GMOs (etc) that ppl are $ick and/or obese due to a corrupt and amoral $y$tem. A $y$tem that wants to keep the ppl $cared, $ick, confu$ed and dependent on it.

  6. We never say this, but the reality of the matter is that, there is an innersurface world and they are in charge. It isn’t easy to see how it works exactly but, one of the massive dysinformation or suppression projects has to do with non allowing the truth of this to become common knowledge.. There is another gigantic or bigger than any other world wide cultural bamboozlement of enforced poor energy usage by a fuel usage monopoly. Good fuel usage is highly illegal.

  7. Yes!! I just told some of my family yesterday about the same as you said here. They deleted my comment. I hope it doesn’t wind up like the ones in concentration camps saying to one another it is now time to revolt. These murderers should be hung from the gallows or done like the French revolutionists and put them on the chopping block.

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