Jeffrey Ross, “Sarah Silverman”, Cam Bilmoth & Ron Sexsmith | Comedy Bang Bang | VPN

Jeffrey Ross,

SUBSCRIBE to Video Podcast Network: Aren’t you glad that the Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross and Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith are making their Comedy Bang Bang debut!? That’s not all, Sarah Silverman (Amy Phillips) joins us to sing some of her telegrams and author Cam…

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18 Responses to Jeffrey Ross, “Sarah Silverman”, Cam Bilmoth & Ron Sexsmith | Comedy Bang Bang | VPN

  1. PoorlyMadeFilms says:

    Intense point docking in this weeks Would You Rather?

  2. ChrisBryanTisSkinny says:

    Jeff Ross killed the energy

  3. Luke W says:

    jeff ross just wanted to pull the dress down on that entire operation of people except maybe the author

  4. Jake James says:

    Amy Phillips is cute.

  5. licoricepirate says:


  6. fatchino says:

    Amy Phillips is pretty damb funny. (Yay!)

  7. phishintube says:

    Wow, Sarah is wasted drunk.

  8. Derek Martz says:

    Ron Sexsmith recorded one of my favorite Christmas songs.

  9. TheGruffoid says:

    That’s not what PDF stands for.

  10. 420MLG420 says:

    I’m sorry!

  11. matthew bulanda says:

    why is this all happening?

  12. dirtyprojectpat says:

    HEY! fat johnny depp on guitar!

  13. dude01234543210 says:

    he’s no Jack Sjunior

  14. heyidiot says:

    Amy Phillips, as Sarah Silverman

  15. heyidiot says:

    Amy Phillips

  16. minkey2007 says:

    Jeff Ross: Bad CBB guest, or worst CBB guest ever?

  17. Spencer Greenfield says:

    That’s a great impression of Sarah Silverman shouting from across the room 

  18. David Richman says:

    His real name is Neil Campbell

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