Jennifer Lawrence & Francis Lawrence Fireside Chat with Marissa Mayer at Yahoo

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17 Responses to Jennifer Lawrence & Francis Lawrence Fireside Chat with Marissa Mayer at Yahoo

  1. mc8755 says:

    Marissa Mayer always speaks like that. She went from being a senior Google exec to CEO of Yahoo! so clearly a phlegmmy voice doesn’t hold you back.

  2. Aaron Davis says:

    I knew she was joking.

  3. Lexie Armstrong says:

    I luv how Jennifer is so down to earth and true to herself. And some some kind of brat like most models and stars are. Lol! SHES SOOOOO FUNNY TOO!

  4. Nick J Mortola says:

    HER THROAT! Jesus! I mean she’s probably sick but clear ur throat!!

  5. יערה בש says:

    I thought I couldn’t like her any more and then she said she likes Arctic Monkeys…

  6. T T.K says:

    Oh no it’s that annoying interviewer from google.

  7. jbfaneli says:

    I feel like the interviewer needs to clear her throat. I certainly feel like I do after watching this.

  8. Arezo Ha says:

    I love that woman so much.

  9. Candra Aditya says:


  10. jikal333 says:

    this woman voice is so annoying

  11. aaronkaa1 says:

    Jennifer would get the most sponsors cause she’s awesome lol

  12. ConnorInTheory says:

    ahh i wish this video wasn’t so awkward!

  13. MrMaverickon says:

    the end xD 

  14. Sacha Christopher says:

    For Future References!

  15. randy3299 says:

    two of my favorite women, one interviewing the other. pretty awesome.

  16. John George says:

    lol that interviewer is Marissa Mayer the CEO…

  17. larakellygirl says:

    this interiew is so awkward!!

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