Jerry, Liam & David celebrate the new Yahoo! Mail

Jerry, Liam & David celebrate the new Yahoo! Mail

Image by Yahoo Inc
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Yahoo! Inc. co-founders Jerry Yang, left, and David Filo celebrate the launch of the new Yahoo! Mail, Monday, August 27, 2007, in front of a ballon featuring the new email character LIAM, mail spelled backwards, at a company event in Sunnyvale, Calif. With the rollout starting today, the new Yahoo! Mail is the biggest overhaul of the popular Web mail service in ten years, and will now feature a new interface, integrated instant messaging and text messaging to mobile phones in the US, Canada, India and the Philippines. (Photo for Yahoo! by Court Mast)

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8 Responses to Jerry, Liam & David celebrate the new Yahoo! Mail

  1. ighs says:

    A new Y! Mail??? Theres some new Beta-beta, with unununlimited storage and transparent interface :):) btw. from where the LIAM name comes from?

  2. Yahoo Inc says:

    Unununlimited and cool SMS integration, too! Read more here:… And Liam is Mail spelled backwards. Tricky, eh?

  3. ighs says:

    so this 1 is the same i have :) well, cant use the sms, but … about Liam. where the loading images gone??? i have the whole collection with him :) liam breakdance, liam and the lek(think), ….

  4. Cindy シンデイー says:

    seen in EXPLORE

  5. wsarettaw says:

    Join Guapetones’s Group !

  6. intgb says:

    Yahoo has only begun. We rarely get to say so, but it is the best place in the world for search, images and a dozen more things. No comparison, keep up the good work, the rest of the world is jealous.

  7. bagas8 says:

    Ada apa? kesini dong

  8. AussieGold says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Yahoo! Offices, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

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