Jess Laughs, Mary Loves it — Lisp and Stammer Outtake

jess and mary b. serve up some more outtakes. they’re like take out but funnier, and they don’t make your car smell like food. (from Episode 15. not to be confused with Bonus Features Vol. 5 even though that’s also runoff form Episode 15) xoxxx
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Jess Laughs, Mary Loves it — Lisp and Stammer Outtake

  1. Ray Newton says:

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  2. amindatpeace says:

    This is the best outtake of anything, ever!!

  3. Elfriede Graeps says:

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  4. ghrocks07 says:

    This made me laugh soooo fuckin’ hard

  5. Ravenschica2012 says:

    this is the most adorable video on youtube! ive seen it at lest 15 times. <3 guys

  6. hampsterbb says:

    Haha you guys are so cute :3 it warms my heart~

  7. poetessbritt says:

    lol yes, mary always says “describer”!

  8. Amber Rose says:

    They’re soo cute I wish they were still together I love them soo much -3

  9. MaxMichelle18 says:

    so cute<3<3 both of you! you made me laugh!

  10. talktokasper1 says:

    She has the best laugh ever!!! so cute!

  11. misscallitoff says:

    Where did all the flawles tv episodes go =((

  12. love4choc says:

    this is actually the best video on youtube hands down for me.

  13. HotPipez says:

    LOL! i love how u both look away and lean over and laugh at the same exact moment at 2:44 …love u guys!

  14. brooklynbees says:

    this is sooo cute! put a smile on my face. you guys are so adorable together :)

  15. smellydonkeyfeet says:

    Mary hasn’t done anything to jess they were quiet ovbs tipsy in this video haha XD

  16. ilyalicia1 says:

    ”baby, i wanna go to plide” lmao you 2 are hilarious!

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