Jesse Vargas Leaves Floyd Mayweather for Bob Arum’s Toprank
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7 thoughts on “Jesse Vargas Leaves Floyd Mayweather for Bob Arum’s Toprank

  1. Mike Dallas Jr, Victor Ortiz and Chavez Jr., all bums manufactured into champions. If they really want Jesse Vargas to be the man, all it takes is good promoting and fighters in there that aren’t there to fight(Zab Judah) and to be a punching bag(Antonio Margarito). Then when the big fight, two options for Top Rank A, botch decision for Vargas or B, let Vargas avoid a steroids test. That’s boxing and if you soak up that game and use it your advantage, you might find out your pockets got fatter!

  2. i wrote karceno today to find out why this happened….. Did they not have a contract signed or something? You know Arum made him an offer he couldnt refuse extra $ throw in to get him to sign. If tehre was no contract between FMJ & Vargas then its ok no problem

  3. Vargas may not be a bum, but he damn sure ain’t very good. His future is journeyman status so who cares where he ends up. Floyd can find someone better, guranteed.

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