JG Real Estate Contemplates Multiple Offers of Mergers and Acquisitions

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) September 11, 2012

JG Real Estate, a relatively new Philadelphia property management firm, has put up some interesting numbers recently. With revenues and a property management portfolio which are both rising in the double digits, percentage wise, projections show JGRE amassing over 30% of market share within a 5 year period. This, in addition to a steadily growing count of agents acting as independent contractors, has put JGRE in a great growth position.

This rapid growth hasn’t gone unnoticed by competing brokerages. Larger, national firms which historically have not included property management Philadelphia in their business plans have expressed interest in acquiring JGRE, as they value the structured, quality portfolio which JGRE brings to the table. In contrast, other management companies have lower quality portfolios which create more work and adminstrative hassle than they are worth in terms of management fees collected. Acquisition of JGRE would give a larger firm a strong foothold in Philadelphia, which includes an established client base & staff which knows property management philadelphia systems & processes. Starting from scratch isn’t an attractive prospect for most companies.

Smaller property management Philadelphia companies have also expressed interest in joining forces. For these companies however, JGRE’s value is heavily multiplied. With a serious SEO & SEM web presence and an automated & efficient management style, JGRE has the ability to transform another brokerage’s operations over-night through way of merger or acquisition.

In a recent interview with Jared Gruber, broker/owner of JG Real Estate, Jared said:

“It’s true that a few firms have approached me, some with offers, and others with interest and a request to examine JG Real Estate’s financials. At this point, my firm is doing very well, but is also very new. I have the ability to take my company in a few different directions, a merger or acquisition is certainly one way to go. I could also take VC (Venture Capital) money which would propel the company into hyper growth, or simply grow steadily and cautiously as I have been doing so far. This is an exciting period in my life both personally and professionally.”

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