Jimena Cortes has just been Featured on CBS Money Watch for her Accomplishments as an Online Marketing & Social Media Expert

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2013

Jimena Cortes is an online marketing and social media expert who as just been featured on CBS Money Watch, The International Business Times, and The Los Angeles Daily News. Jimena Cortes is CEO of Wizard Media, a sought after speaker and author of “Secrets of SEO Marketing: Strategies on How I learned to Get to the Top of Search Engines and How You Can Too”.

Jimena Cortes is a SEO (search engine optimization) and Mobile Marketing expert, with over 7 years of marketing experience. She is the founder of Wizard Media, a marketing agency that helps small to mid-size businesses attract more qualified prospects from the web by optimizing their websites to be found on page 1 of Google and other search engines for relevant terms. Her company also utilizes creative mobile campaigns to generate opt-ins and engage prospects in a marketing channel which is still under utilized by most companies.

Jimena vows to help the Business Owners and Entrepreneurs overcome and succeed against Google and the latest challenges caused by the most recent update to their algorithm. Jimena Cortes is a sought after business consultant who warns that, because Google rolled out several updates to their algorithm which changed the way the SEO game was played, many companies lost their rankings which stopped the organic traffic coming from Google. As a result, many businesses started to pour money into Adwords campaigns, which only gave them minimal benefits. Many SEO firms do not foresee the changes Google is planning to make, or worse once they happen they do not change their strategies which results in many hard working businesses losing their organic traffic overnight forever.

Jimena Cortes adds that, by evolving our SEO strategies to be in alignment with Google’s efforts to increase user experience, we were able to keep our customers at the top of Google even when they change their algorithm.

And though Google CEO Larry Page mentioned the service of Google while on the company’s earnings call last week, “our goal is to get you the right information, at just the right time…” Jimena Cortes reminds them that, “the ‘right time’ is not fast enough, even for Google.”

Jimena Cortes adds that she is, focused on making sure our clients appear at the right time when their prospects are looking for them. Our strategies and correctly implemented special features can change what terms users are searching. We are preparing our clients for this shift.

On the changing landscape of Google search, Cortes says, Search engines are constantly evolving and it is our job as a quality internet marketing firm to evolve along with them and react quickly to changes. This is why when Google rolls out new features or changes we take action immediately and adapt to continue to give our clients top of the line marketing services.

About Secrets of SEO Marketing

The book “Secrets of SEO Marketing-Strategies on how I learned to get to the top of search engines and how you can too!” by Jimena Cortes is a great SEO guide for those who dont know a lot about Search engine optimization marketing. Learn the secret strategies big SEO companies use to rank websites to the top of the search engines. Learn SEO and get proven strategies to rank a website and get floods of highly targeted prospects. Here is some of the other useful information within the book:

-How to choose the most profitable keywords for a campaign

-The biggest SEO mistake most website owners make

-A thorough understanding of how search engines work and what they look for so one can make a website follow their guidelines

-SEO tools the pros use

-A step by step plan to follow to rank any site in any market

About Wizard Media:

Wizard Media is based in Orange County, California and provides internet marketing consulting to small/medium businesses throughout the United States. To get more information on any services including Search Engine Optimization, Video SEO, Mobile App Development, Social Media Management and Website Design, or to book Ms Cortes for speaking engagements please see contact information below:

Jimena Cortes

Info (at) WizardMedia (dot) net


Phone: 949-861-8414

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The Helping Others Means Everything, or The HOME Foundation, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping our Family of Charities. Frankie Verdugo, President of The HOME Foundation, wants to help as many worthy charities as possible as they struggle during these tough economic times. Frankie Verdugo helps raise funds through luxury dream home raffles, home giveaways, prizes, and high profile celebrity events in Hollywood… “Our mission is to help charities reach their fundraising goals and to bring awareness to their praiseworthy causes.”

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