Job Interview – Learn English

Learn English for a job interview. Search for Jobs at Job Search Engine For Jobs in UK:
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  1. sridhar sriram says:

    Greatest communicated with this people. I have Learn English properly

  2. Bajra Basnet says:

    Hi. Filips,  Well done !!!!! tell me one thing how can I create Job-Box ID and Extension ID.

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  4. yanchao CHANG says:

    maybe, si the boss like you… a perverse 😀 dude

  5. Jose Marin says:

    the girl of the begining looks hot… she will get the job no metter what 

  6. mmb2211 says:

    “.. I often work overtime…”, as an answer to “what’s your greatest weakness?” That’s ridiculous! Applicants, please never give an answer like that, nor like… “I trust people too much, I’m a perfectionist, or I work too much.

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  8. TM Arun Kumar says:

    Interviews is waste of time, fuck your English.

  9. Jane Hernandez says:

    i like more tip please…

  10. zlu700 says:

    Look all the interview questions in my channel

  11. Bogdan Radu says:

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  13. BulldozerJack says:

    The interviewer does not stand up to shake hand with the applicant? What a lack of culture. 

  14. Danielle Forbiin says:

    All in this video speak english lol

  15. akrnf90 says:

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  16. dolly v says:

    nice to learn how to lean english for job interview…great job!

  17. Tim Broyles says:

    This+`s free interview guide helped me get a new job today! You have my deepest gratitude!

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