Jodi Arias' Testimony Analyzed By Experts

Jodi Arias' Testimony Analyzed By Experts
While waiting for the lab test results to come back, investigators were notified that several shocking images, some of which had been deleted, were recovered from the memory card of the camera found in Alexander's washing machine. The deleted pictures …
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ASC Center meets students' mental health needs
At a time when over 20 percent of Ashe County High School freshmen report having suicidal thoughts, and the words “mental health” are heard daily in public discourse, a group of Appalachian State University faculty and graduate students are serving …
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Notes Toward Winning the Culture War
Following is a rough beginning of some thoughts toward that end. There is no way the radical and insubstantial Barack … Hollywood has been called the greatest propaganda machine in human history. Maybe not for much longer. The rules are changing in …
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