Joe Pantoliano founder of No Kidding Me 2

Joe Pantoliano founder of No Kidding Me 2
Event on 2015-09-17 17:00:00

On Thursday evening September 17th, 2015, members of Pak Networking will be hosting a speaking engagement at the Crown Plaza.  This event will feature, Joe Pantoliano founder of No Kidding Me 2.  A non- profit designed to end the stigma of seeing a counselor.

About the speaker


 Event Schedule:

Doors open at 5:00/5:30. 
Event begins at 5:00. 
Dinner is at 5:45/6:00. 
Presentation from 6:15 to 7:00. 
Photo reception 7:30 to 8:30. 

We are offering three sponsorship options;

  1. Tickets for three tables which includes table in the lobby, one page add in the program guide and a one minute infomercial during the event. Company logo on all promotional items.

  2. Tickets for two tables which include a table in the lobby, half page add in the program guide.                                              

  3. Tickets for one table which includes a ¼ page add in the program guide.

Each table seats 10 people.

This will bring positive attention to all that participate and good public relations.  It also gives your organization the opportunity to network and develop relationships with the other sponsors of the event.   As a sponsor, we (PAK Networking) ask that you promote the event.  Promoting the event can be done a number of ways.  Through mailing invitations, newsletters, e-mails, social media or word of mouth just to name a few.  Promotional materials will be provided by PAK Networking.

Ticket sales can be accomplished through one of the PAK members.  Our target audience is/are small business owners, executives, department managers and sales people, but not limited to this group.

An agenda will be provided in the near future which is expected to give each sponsor an opportunity to be recognized.

at Crowne Plaza Hotel Reading
1741 Papermill Road
Reading, United States

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