Joomla Club: Free Open Introduction to Building Websites using Joomla

Joomla Club: Free Open Introduction to Building Websites using Joomla
Event on 2013-11-12 18:00:00

In 100 minutes you will learn about how to host, template and extend the functionality of a website, create and organise its content and to navigate around the content and its increasing number of functions.

You are very welcome to attend any free weekly introduction sessions and to attend more than once. You are also welcome to invite others that need to build their own websites.

You will learn about a minimum professional standard of site hosting service provision, about the templates and extensions directories, how to create menus and menu items, to order and locate modules, how to create content and the importance of content categorisation, about some of the great media tools that are available for free, and the value of formatting content and including metadata for search engine optimisation (SEO). More importantly you will be introduced to the value of a fully integrated customer relationship management system, analytics and traffic rankings.

The point of Joomla Club is to support current and potential employers to get traction in generating a surplus or a profit, depending on their constitution, through e-marketing and online communications. The basic skill required to build and to develop a website is pretty straight forward. The tedious work of creating content remains necessary but the development of a website’s functions – what it can do both for you and for clients and customers – is made as easy as possible by bi-weekly subscription workshops.

For subscribers to the Club – currently £72/year – we provide 75 workshops a year at Birkbeck College to support participants at all levels of familiarity with information technology to start and develop their websites. We also include in the subscription a domain name and site hosting, a full customer relationship management (CRM) system, 50 professional templates and lots of learning resources.

We have capacity for 22 in the IT training suites so please register if you want to attend and if you want more information then email or text 079 5096 3069.

All of the details are on 

at London Birkbeck University
Torrington Square
City of London, United Kingdom

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