Joomla Search Engine Optimization

This free & live webinar was hosted by on 9/27/12. The two and half hour session runs through the basics of SEO for Joomla sites.
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7 Responses to Joomla Search Engine Optimization

  1. majid dehbi says:

    thanks for all these explanations

  2. Brian Uribe says:

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  3. EverSpark Interactive says:

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  4. Loraine Cephas says:

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  5. murastube says:

    Very confusing the explanation/answer about the questions: Does search engines take metadescription from the articles or from the menu items?

  6. Rob Frank says:

    what happened the the 109 videos cloud had up last week?

  7. Philip George James says:

    Yes thanks everyone at Cloudaccess/Joomla etc….your time and help is much appreciated!!

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