Joon♡Yeon-seo Couple History

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15 Responses to Joon♡Yeon-seo Couple History

  1. addictjhe says:

    mbc what’s that supposed to mean? after you kick out joonseo and now you made this kind of video? and you want me to like it? in your dream! why dont you upload their deleted scenes instead of this crap and show us the truth?

  2. Estrellita1122 says:

    I will not Watch WGM again after JOONSEO couple leave the show. LJ and OYS I will keep supporting you both on your future projects love both

  3. anggiefreefianto says:

    Really like joonseo couple first time watch.Love sparks in their eyes.To start relationship,it’s to be one of couple show more interest to the partner so it wouldn’t be fake through it,slowly they show growing their love to us WGM should give MORE TIME to overcome problem n how marriage can make it works but made mistake ended them so soon.many people fr/ global disappointed w this decision. MBC please give them a drama to be paired up again in future!..still love this couple no matter what

  4. gdblueee says:

    Im totally upset that Joonseo ended like this :( Its going to my first and last time watching wgm since Joonseo is not there anymore TT I love obessed couple , Joonseo fighting !! :DD

  5. Angelica Elumba says:

    If you only MBC gave them a proper send off then people wouldn’t be so mad! Even though they left early, it would still be nice if you gave them the chance to say goodbye properly. The final episodes were so rushed and a lot of scenes were obviously deleted. BE FAIR, MBC! You may not like them, but respect them as guests on the show.

  6. pretty95045 says:

    I really love Joonseo couple. It is unfair for OYS that many people bashed her but she haven’t done anything wrong.I always love joonSeo no matter what.

  7. Estrellita1122 says:

    I just did not like that OYS had to explain her private life to someone that is not even her real boyfriend or real husband and haters just making fun of her explanation and thats the reason i hate WGM PDs for making joonseo go through that episode not for me it was not necessary if they were already to taking them out. WGM just use joonseo to promote WGM and joon OYS more and more every week and also joon had nothing to do with all this but yes wgm make them do this. Anyway i love Joonseo

  8. Anon3002 says:

    Shame on those people who bashed her endlessly. She didn’t do anything wrong. Even Lee Joon said that she should stop apologizing because she didn’t do anything wrong. He even said he can relate to how people misjudged her actions like people misjudged him before. Stop being shallow-minded.

  9. Mona Jamil says:

    I used to watch WGM because of joonseo couple.They gave the vibe of a couple & their interaction was sweet & natural not like the other couples where you get the feeling that they’re faking it.I’ve tried to watch the new couple & give WGM a chance but the entire thing lost it’s flavour after joonseo left. WGM became like a sinking boat. Am not going to watch it again except for the joonseo parts that I have. Am watching their last episode & still crying with the same sadness I felt 2 weeks ago.

  10. bettytwan says:

    이 둘이 네 젤 좋아하는 커플인데… 이렇게 빨리 하차해서 정말 아쉽네..ㅠㅠ

  11. delta delta says:

    I only watched wgm for Joonseo. ..never again. Miss them together.

  12. Joon Nivy says:

    Look, I know Yeonseo did nothing to hurt Joon whatsoever, she wasn’t dating, I understand. But it’s not only me who says Yeonseo is just not for Joon. And my friends agreed. You see how she dominated Joon? Joon is a very nice, at the same time, fragile person. And Yeonseo doesnt hv the ability to treasure him. Joon had a hard time because of this show, and ending it is the best choice.

  13. zetty nasir says:

    mbc n mblaq company made that decision bcoz of what joon posted in the fan website..he said he’s tired with all the scandal

  14. sinyard7 says:

    I’ll never watch WGM/MBC again for what they did to Joonseo. Oh Yeon Seo – Lee Joon wishes for much success and happiness.

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