Jory Caron Opens Mail & Shit… – Mailignant Humor…

Tweet this… In these videos I go through all of my mail… it usually takes me several hours to read it all and a whole day to edit them down to what you see… I hope you enjoy it (if you do I encourage you to Subscribe, Comment, Rate, and tell your friends) and continue to mail me… If you like this video please Subscribe, Comment, Rate, Favorite, and tell your friends. Main: Letters&Packages: Junk: Postcards: Want to receive a Postcard from Jory: Find me on… Facebook: Twitter:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Jory Caron Opens Mail & Shit… – Mailignant Humor…

  1. MrBeepen6000 says:

    he looks like kenny

  2. lucianrocks says:

    Posted on my birthday!

  3. cuteandspecial says:

    if u end this show matrix might send u drugged candy nd take u away and we would never knw

  4. joe21v78 says:

    i love this shive doo eeet

  5. EhzoolPoe says:

    I use to watch these when they were really long. Now that they’re divided into different categories… I can’t be bothered watching. Keep them long videos, that way when I’m bored I can just sit back and watch you open mail for an hour 😀

  6. SamuelJohnConnolly says:

    One of these days jory is going to get a razor blade in one of his candy bars

  7. Noobish526 says:


  8. NoobPwner2448 says:

    As nixk490 says, I dont mind watching 5 hours of this, CAUSE WE DONT

  9. geoffery52 says:

    If you pause it at 0:49, he looks like he’s high…. DON’T END THE MAIL!!!!

  10. Jcces44LetsPlays says:


  11. casualgamerreed says:

    Please keep opening mail :(

  12. fireisfunandawsome says:

    if u stop this show i will hire Chuck Norris to RIP YOUR TESTICLES OFF AND THEN MAIL THEM TO U A WEEK LATER!!!………. dont stop the show.

  13. spwolftech says:

    me and my fiancee love whatching you open mail and shit!!

  14. NoobPwner2448 says:

    I say NEVER stop Jory Caron Opens Mail and Shit

  15. stylemonkey17 says:

    NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please keep the show going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. traybitt says:

    I will miss this show. I love the microwave show, but I confess I dont tend to watch every video. This one.. I have seen all of.. I dont even notice how long they are. By far the best show. If you ever decide to bring in back.. I’ll be watching for sure.. and in the mean time.. I’ll be waiting and hoping you do.

  17. Woolong742 says:

    God dammit, now I want chocolate. Fuckin’ hell, Jory. And I like watching you open mail, as odd as that must sound. If you don’t like editing it, then don’t. We don’t mind an hour long video.

  18. im19ice3 says:

    are you done fixing up your house?

  19. im19ice3 says:

    shut the hell up! you do NOT stop this show!!! how dare you?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? … This was supposed to be a passive-agressive comment, but tit didn’t really come out right… sorry STILL! i mean it!

  20. pokemongamer1000 says:

    dont end it!

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