Josh Vietti Promo Video – “Hip Hop Violin Medley”

Josh Vietti Promo Video -

CBS Los Angeles has labeled Josh Vietti as one of 2012’s Best Breakout Artists: Josh Vietti performs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Josh’s new album Best of Both Worlds: Like Josh Vietti’s Facebook page: Follow Josh on Twitter: Website: BOOKING AGENT BRIAN DENNIS DIVERSITY TALENT AGENCY WWW.DIVERSITYTA.COM OFFICE: 770-210-5579 MANAGEMENT: KAMAL MOO ROCKSTEADY ARTISTS, LLC WWW.ROCKSTEADYARTISTS.COM 424-235-4798 OR KAMAL@ROCKSTEADYARTISTS.COM Josh Vietti, Hip-Hop/Pop Violinist. “Hip Hop Violin Medley” Directed by J. Addison McCaleb. Shot by Bryan Carberry – Colorist- Nabil Moo. Medley recorded at Evolution Studios by Myke Groov. Contact J. Addison McCaleb at or 213-290-2334.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Josh Vietti Promo Video – “Hip Hop Violin Medley”

  1. raul akile says:

    hufffffffffffffffffffffffff ; ) BOMBA  ùùùùùùù =D

  2. julianhater says:

    the first one is fat joe lean back, the second is kanye west flashing lights

  3. david sutphin says:

    you are my hero

  4. Didipink10 says:

    Whats the first and the second cover on hip hop violin medley??

  5. bjakuganxxx says:

    what first song name?

  6. lLoTuslBomb says:

    wow! you made me fckin smile xD!! Amazing!!!

  7. Alex Whale says:

    Whats the song starting at 0.55?

  8. Rosita Mahboobi says:

    Wow what a talent *.* it’s Lincredible how you play violin 3

  9. Zilvinas Malakauskas says:

    very good song

  10. sammimarievanity says:

    Freaking awsome

  11. darkclownz666 says:

    is there an mp3 of this or download? Id love to have this if i could

  12. alex viessil says:

    Can i have the title of songs? 

  13. MrsMalik1993 says:

    Perfect 😀

  14. Jon Bones Jones says:

    What is the fast track please ?

  15. Houda Benlemlih says:


  16. emraidrizi says:

    you fucking good

  17. TheCommentor94 says:

    I’d rather see a video of you actually playing than seeing you jump around pretending to play

  18. Axel Cabj says:

    178 people do not know that music is

  19. RealTri4Lyfe says:

    ripped it apart man

  20. Markus TheTranscriber says:

    i have transcribed every single note of Josh Vietti´s hip hop medley. Look at my channel, there is a video how i play it with sheets for free

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