Jumpfactor Announces Release of Technology Marketing Program for Marketers within Technology Firms

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) November 07, 2013

Technology companies have typically been at the forefront of tech products and services. As such many have often tried SEO and PPC as a means of marketing to generate new leads. Most have had limited success especially with the massive changes Google has made in the last year. Today’s reality is that a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy is required for online success. This must include high authority industry specific content combined with a variety of effective digital marketing strategies. Jumpfactor’s Technology Marketing inbound lead generation program provides this in a turnkey solution geared towards technology marketers and technology firms.

“Many of our technology clients are software as a service (saas) companies or IT consulting firms whose team members focus on their core expertise. Meanwhile as their partner, our team creates high quality content and exposes it to potential clients through a variety of platforms including Search, Social, PPC ads and other ad networks,” says a project manager at Jumpfactor. “These prospects are then nurtured and funneled to a stage of sales readiness at which point they are pushed to our client’s sales team for closing.”

An effective Inbound lead generation program for Technology companies requires a carefully orchestrated set of activities which are constantly being monitored and fine tuned based on analytical data.

Jumpfactor’s Technology Inbound Marketing is this latter described type of program which has been generating consistent results for their technology clients. To get a free strategy consultation visit the technology marketing page of Jumpfactor here today.

About Jumpfactor

Jumpfactor is an award winning full service Inbound Marketing Agency specialized in Professional Services Marketing for Service and Technology firms. The agency’s services include branding, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and marketing automation services. Jumpfactor has physical offices in Canada, and the USA. The agency has won awards for best in class Enterprise SEO and Marketing Automation.

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