Jumpfactor Announces Results of Industry Domain Based Content Study in Relation to Content Marketing

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) November 30, 2013

Jumpfactor conducted an internal study to illustrate the effects of having industry experts write content for client sites as compared to general copywriters writing. The study involved a set of 5 sites built and optimized from scratch using general content writers, as well as a second set of sites built and optimized from scratch using industry expert writers.

Five different verticals were chosen. Each site had the same number of pages and length of content. The same methodologies of onsite and offsite optimization were applied. The end results were analyzed after 4 months. The sites built with general content had a maximum of 330 organic visitors per month as measured at day 120. The sites built with expert industry content had a maximum of 946 visitors per month as measured at day 120. The statistics showed a much higher level of traffic for the sites which were written by copywriters with industry knowledge.

The bounce rates were also significantly lower on the industry expert written sites, with average ‘time on site’ being consistently higher, reflecting higher engagement levels.

“The evidence of our study is conclusive; industry domain expert based content is far superior in generating results in terms of Search Engine Optimization and user engagement, ” said a product specialist at Jumpfactor. “One site had as much as 530% more traffic as compared to the non industry sample set.”

Jumpfactor employs industry experts within verticals to develop content for all their clients. In many cases engineers are writing for their engineering clients, and lawyers or paralegals are writing for their law firm clients. The same goes for all their verticals. This has allowed their clients to leap ahead in terms of visibility and lead generation as compared to their competition.

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About Jumpfactor

Jumpfactor is an award winning full service Inbound Marketing Agency specialized in Professional Services Marketing for Service and Technology firms. The agency’s services include branding, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and marketing automation services. Jumpfactor has physical offices in Canada, and the USA. The agency has won awards for best in class Enterprise SEO and Marketing Automation.

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