Jumpfactor Dubs 2014 As the Year of Service Firm Marketing through digital professional services marketing strategies

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) October 01, 2013

Professional Services Marketing has traditionally been more focused around Branding and image and less so around direct marketing methods. With a heavy reliance on word of mouth referrals, and old methods of marketing like trade shows, conferences, and print advertising, service marketing roi has been slow to take off in the digital world. Product based industries have rapidly leveraged search, ppc and social as they lend themselves more easily to direct lead generation and more immediate sales.

Service firms have not seen as fast an increase in search volume for their targeted services, and due to the intangible nature of their services, even searches that are conducted, do not lead to rapid sales. The sales cycle of services is much longer and more complex. It requires a combination of relationship building, education and problem identification (since most firms are selling solutions to client issues through their service offerings).

With recent advances in technology, this is starting to change the game completely.

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