Jurassic Park 3D movie review

In 1993, Jurassic Park changed movies forever. Now, 20 years later it gets a theatrical re-release in 3D. Jeremy gives you his review of “Jurassic Park” (in …

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  1. Fun fact! Dr.Alan Grant (Jurassic Park guy) is a real life Paleontologist. He is the originator of the now widely accepted theory that Dinosaurs evolved in to birds, and the theory many Dinosaurs were warm blooded.

  2. Just saw JP for the first time. It was AWESOME! I agree with what you said about the 3-D. The screams of the dinosaurs were totally gnarly! Those dino screams did it for me.

  3. The 3D is great too and I went to see the movie for my 21st birthday. It was great way to transition into adulthood, ironically half of the things I dismissed as a 6 year old when the movie came out I thought were more than interesting when watching the movie again. If you have children that haven’t seen the movie then you should definitely take them the 3D is not pop out since it is post conversion but some moments feel even more intense using 3D.The scenes with the velopciraptors are intense.

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