Just For A Moment – Sem Piano Arrangement (Available on iTunes)

Available on iTunes: “Just For A Moment” piano arrangement by David Sides. Check out more of Sem at these links: Sem’s Twitter: Sem’s Facebook: Sem’s YouTube: Also check out these links of mine: Website: Twitter Facebook: Tumblr: Myspace Join our piano community at:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 thoughts on “Just For A Moment – Sem Piano Arrangement (Available on iTunes)

  1. i was just saying the samething …i havent seen a video in a while …he prolly got signed lol…atleast i can say ive been a subcriber for a long time to his youtube lol

  2. “actual talent”?????… what a fool…. if there was a level of pianistic proficiency that one would coin with the term “actual talent” it would certainly not be this. sure its beautiful… many simple things are, but its not deserved of the fame its gotten.

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