Just For A Moment – Sem Piano Arrangement (Available on iTunes)

Available on iTunes: itunes.apple.com “Just For A Moment” piano arrangement by David Sides. Check out more of Sem at these links: Sem’s Twitter: www.twitter.com Sem’s Facebook: www.facebook.com Sem’s YouTube: www.youtube.com Also check out these links of mine: Website: www.davidsidesworld.com Twitter www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Tumblr: www.davidsides.tumblr.com Myspace www.myspace.com Join our piano community at: www.playgroundsessions.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Just For A Moment – Sem Piano Arrangement (Available on iTunes)

  1. DanijarU says:

    david where are you????

  2. Alexis Pantoja says:

    David please can you do a cover of the song : Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan .. ???

  3. ILovejAyDeEMm says:

    Someone has got to make a tutorial for this!!!

  4. Sincere410 says:

    i was just saying the samething …i havent seen a video in a while …he prolly got signed lol…atleast i can say ive been a subcriber for a long time to his youtube lol

  5. 0LDCH4P says:

    Where’s he gone?

  6. thaio19 says:

    Please do a titanic cover thx :)

  7. Dawgie Freshman says:

    If you play 2Pac – changes or ghetto gospel  and my life is complete.

  8. Dawgie Freshman says:

    If you play 2Pac – changes or ghetto gospel and my life is complete.

  9. kevon vo says:

    14 people “dislike” actual talent

  10. Lauryly says:

    Do you have sheets of this song? Would like to have them! That would be sooooo great :)

  11. calohtar says:

    He calls them arrangements; did he write them himself?

  12. FreeDanceBaby says:

    Could you do a cover of GERONIMO by Aura Dione ?! It will be really awesome ! Thump up if you agree !

  13. abpnewstringer says:

    Man you are AWESOME!!!

  14. Emilio Carrera says:

    Ooo, dont worry, theres always people who cant appreciate the real talent…….they surely like reggaeton jajajajaja

  15. hungryhobit says:

    /watch?v=SJ73CmxzVXQ&feature=relmfu this guy is 100000000times better

  16. juicyj612 says:

    Deal with it.

  17. Effnatic Certrive says:

    you can make music using this /watch?v=oHXX-7YWQ_4

  18. ZukoUnleashed66 says:


  19. IxToBz says:

    i wish you the best (: your marriage will be amazing with this song (:

  20. UKpiano says:

    everyone thinks hes the best pianist in the world dont worry, what do we know….

  21. Robin Bjerregaard says:

    “actual talent”?????… what a fool…. if there was a level of pianistic proficiency that one would coin with the term “actual talent” it would certainly not be this. sure its beautiful… many simple things are, but its not deserved of the fame its gotten.

  22. samO9O says:

    How i can get this in MP3 ?

  23. Markustheperson says:

    Can you do Paradise next? That would be so awesome!

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