Just For A Moment – SemMusic (Official Video) “New R&B 2013″

SemMusic – Just For A Moment iTunes download link: http://tinyurl.com/6jt7gyp Copyright © 2013. SemMusic ENT. Written by Sem Produced by Sem & DiggiDis Mixed…

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23 Responses to Just For A Moment – SemMusic (Official Video) “New R&B 2013″

  1. Melissah K says:

    Breath taking song Sem ♥

  2. Tabitha Herrold says:

    Amazing don’t know what else to say

  3. ANGELA ROSSI says:

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  4. GADreamer92 says:

    Well…I can tell my parents I finally found my future husband. Lol jk your voice is amazing.

  5. stacy sterling says:

    i love this song it moves my heart

  6. Christopher Valdes says:

    Hey man I happen to search a Jon B song yesterday song called pretty girl and then I scrolled down I had found your video of you covering the song you sang it excellently just as this song here which did here as your original I really like your sound your very talented man check out my page Im also a singer let me know what you think much love bro

  7. mark jones says:

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  8. lee maddin says:

    good song m8 i like it

  9. Miss Jakobs says:

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  10. HWY2FAME says:

    Hi Sem, great song & video. You should definetely share your video on our website. [A music platform for all singers, songwriters, producers, fans. Check us out. :]

  11. jacque wild says:

    im in love <3 amazing

  12. theuz lupena says:

    nice songs i like ds…..

  13. mee moua says:

    love tis song!….. 😉 <3

  14. Tajuana Huston says:

    how could anyone not like this song? beautiful

  15. katherine alaba says:

    Wow! You are so great. How i wish you would compose more songs. I really love your voice. 3

  16. Jay Blitz says:

    Great song bro I dont know if you unsigned and allowed but Im a producer and Im trying to put together a album of up and coming artist, If you interested we could work together

  17. lilnikkiny says:


  18. Santusha Blackman says:

    OOoooooooh so finneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!! Love this song!!!!! 

  19. vfabila13 says:

    Wowwwww…Love this song!

  20. DJMomentoRemix says:

    Big shout out from Australia! R&B that actually sounds like original R&B. Very nice work. Keep up the good work!

  21. hariz azizan says:

    Dude! Keep it up! Really love ya music bro! Cheers!

  22. Felipe Rodrigues Duarte says:

    perfeitaaaaa musica

  23. Marco Lalenoh says:

    A Sem zonder dat dat meisje de telefoon weg gooid whahahaha:P give it to me!!!! :)

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