Just For A Moment – SemMusic (Official Video) “New R&B 2013”

SemMusic – Just For A Moment iTunes download link: Copyright © 2013. SemMusic ENT. Written by Sem Produced by Sem & DiggiDis Mixed…

23 thoughts on “Just For A Moment – SemMusic (Official Video) “New R&B 2013”

  1. Hey man I happen to search a Jon B song yesterday song called pretty girl and then I scrolled down I had found your video of you covering the song you sang it excellently just as this song here which did here as your original I really like your sound your very talented man check out my page Im also a singer let me know what you think much love bro

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  3. Hi Sem, great song & video. You should definetely share your video on our website. [A music platform for all singers, songwriters, producers, fans. Check us out. :]

  4. Great song bro I dont know if you unsigned and allowed but Im a producer and Im trying to put together a album of up and coming artist, If you interested we could work together

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