Just In Time For Last Minute Gifting, Fashion First Aid Launches The Perfect Gag Gift: “DoucheBomb”

Ketchum, ID (PRWEB) December 18, 2014

This now mainstream classification of the sadly self-unaware fills the gap on the scale between jerk and MF. But it is their actions that makes them so fun to make fun of, and so in need of being outed as a dirt bag. And really, who can afford to get someone a Christmas gift they really want, so at least get them a funny gift that will leave everyone laughing.

Now with Fashion First Aid’s newest gag gift, DoucheBomb, people can hilariously out dirtbags in their life. “DoucheBomb” features a patented, built-in “douche-o-meter” where the bag can be filled with liquid to the appropriate level of dirtbaggery. If that is too complex or difficult to mail, some might prefer to use the “check the box” option and tick off “bad parking”, sign it, and leave it on some monster truck taking up two parking spaces. The truly eloquent might hand in a job resignation notice written on the back of this product.

Each “Product” contains tick the box options for these ten actions:

mooching, womanizing, bragging, over-cologning, overcompensating, having no clue, bad parking, indoor sunglassing, namedropping, mirror-staring.

Fashion First Aid is encouraging creative uses and for people to post photos and tagging them with #DoucheBomb. “‘DoucheBomb’ is a fun gag gift that we want people to get creative with. I’m filling one with Axe and putting it in my over-cologned brother’s stocking.” says Fashion First Aid Founder and Chief Inventor Kim Castellano, aka Honest Kim.

“The Product” comes in value 3-packs for $ 10.95 because no one knows just one dirtbag. They are a gag gift only and not for internal or medical use. This gag gift begins shipping today just in time for holiday white elephant parties and is available on FashionFirstAid.com.

Fashion First Aid (Solutions That Stick Inc.) invents and manufactures both wacky and useful personal care products that you will never see someone else wearing, unless you take off his/her clothes. Recently relocated from Southern California to Idaho, we began in 1999 with one product, Garment Guard: disposable underarm shields (because the founder was a broke law student who was tired of her expensive white t-shirts getting ruined by underarm taco stains.) Now, with almost 50 products on the market, over 10 in the works, and a light and upbeat book entitled The Dirty Side of Fashion, the corporate mission is still to save the world from beauty and fashion disasters and help make clothes last longer.

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