Justin Bieber – Performs Never Say Never Live

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22 Responses to Justin Bieber – Performs Never Say Never Live

  1. MrBloodragedil says:

    Jealousy is the most humorist thing on the planet. Glad you know the size of his dick. You’re a moron.


    I just posted the real behind the scene video with the crazy girl. its called JB Fanvideo behind the scene. Click on my channel…thanks..

  3. marvin5307ma says:

    Ugly assfuck. Hes just as little as his dick. Every girl on this concert is mindfucked and within the age of 10-20.

  4. Beutifulgirl2 says:

    my boyfriend

  5. paulita2705138 says:

    so cute my mother

  6. nelson borrero says:

    follow me on twitter @uniqueandalive

  7. nelson borrero says:

    watch my videos please everyone , me and my friends always go to see justin every month i got 2 pictures with him , and im a true fan

  8. lianmoon1 says:

    صح كلامك وربي رجال

  9. lianmoon1 says:

    واحد يمشي مع سود اكيد حينيكوة يادجاجة

  10. xaviervonrottie says:

    So this is what I’ve been missing? I’m sorry but this kids singing is terrible.

  11. Ana Mišković says:


  12. grethelraquelguardia says:

    i love justin

  13. daniela muñoz says:


  14. 100deep1001 says:

    he sux!!!

  15. EashaLikesChocolate says:

    I love it when he kisses Selena Gomez cause he actually puts his hand in her bra!

  16. EashaLikesChocolate says:

    He is so sexy

  17. 333biebergirl says:


  18. SilviaBC4atp says:

    I just like when the camera goes on Pattie ’cause she looks so proud of Justin… she thinks that he is still Kidrauhl in that momment. WE MUST REMEMBER… AND THEN PEOPLE CRY :’) STILL KIDRAUHL EVER

  19. SilviaBC4atp says:

    I LOVE WHEN HE SHAKES HIS HAIR, OMG!! 2:00 min, love him.

  20. Slimwing22 says:

    @longa1704 right witcha

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