JYSK Chooses IndexTools Web Analytics

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 13, 2007

Home furnishings are not the sorts of thing that most people typically buy online. Why then would Denmark-based JYSK, with some 1250 stores across Europe, the Middle East and Canada and yearly revenue of EUR 1.6bn need web analytics from IndexTools? Their customers cannot, after all, sit in a patio chair or test out a new mattress over the Internet. But they are likely to check out the JYSK website before making a store visit, and this is where IndexTools Web Analytics is proving its value.

A better-informed customer is better prepared to buy and more likely to come away satisfied. With this in mind, JYSK uses IndexTools Web Analytics to track how often visitors return to its site, how long they stay there and what specific content they pay attention to. This gives JYSK the intelligence it needs to optimize the site in favor of visitor and customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is, after all, more likely to be a repeat customer.

“Loyalty is important,” said Mette Naomi

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