Kaspersky Lab accused of bribery

Kaspersky Lab accused of bribery
One of the easiest way to harm competition without actually trying to improve own business is to shut down their website – it's the modern equivalent of trashing store windows. While generally these sort of shenanigans are … One of these companies …
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Why big Western tech companies have made it in Vietnam but not China
Today, Baidu gets an average of five-billion search queries per day, and Google gets over 100-billion searches per month. But with Google partially locked out of China … YouTube was and still is one of the most used and viewed websites in Vietnam and …
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How Grads can Increase their Online Visibility and Job Prospects
A report by Seven Step Recruiting concerning how Fortune 100 companies use the internet to recruit, shows that 94% of companies have optimized their websites to attract top talent. “In an age where people are more mobile and social than ever, companies …
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