Kat Webb

Kat Webb
Event on 2013-04-23 18:00:00
This weekly 3 hour competition showcases performances of 3-4 artists, booked by L Rock Entertainment, and will be available to a worldwide audience on live.budandroach.com and the Bud and Roach Radio FREE mobile app for iPhone and Androids available at mobile.budandroach.com. All shows are archived immediately after the broadcast, and are available free to download 24/7. All shows are promoted through various mediums, including the weekly broadcast of The Bud and Roach Show, broadcasting Monday's 8PM EST on www.budandroach.com. Voting polls are open for 7 days and will be closed at 6PM the Tuesday after the broadcast. Top voted acts of each week are entered to win a spot on our seasonal showcase where they will perform for press, music industry representatives and win amazing prizes. What people are saying about "A Better Picture" and "Waver": "The tasty “Slow It Down” brings out the serene quality of Webb’s voice, but it’s the smouldering, smooth and slow brewing “Can’t Stop Thinkin’ ‘Bout You,” that is by far the standout cut. A mellow, finger snapping, pining affair, its mournful and broodingly soulful alto sax slow-burns to the hypnotic and sexually covetous chants that has Webb rolling in the musical afterglow." –Soultracks "There’s something about Neo-Soul songstress Kat Webb that resonates deep within my soul. Her silky voice makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Her music is sort of a 90’s throwback and brings back the luster that’s obviously missing from mainstream R&B today." –Amped Sounds "One listen to debut single, "Waver," and how Webb's rich n' syrupy vocals cascade over an acoustic backdrop, it is crystal clear that she has her heartstrings in her homestead. Acts like Dionne Farris and Des'ree come to mind when listening to Webb, making her a delicacy to indulge in as such earthy homespun soul sounds are quite scarce in this icy sparse soul-droid guise we've latched onto for the 21st century." –Soulbounce "Her sound has got our mushy feelings turned up on high, taking us back to R&B of the late 90s." –Giant Step

at Zirzamin
90 W Houston Street
New York, United States

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