katherine tate language translator

people commercial making fun of languages
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17 Responses to katherine tate language translator

  1. baddmanaz says:

    thousand apologies. but please, to tell that executive from india not be understanding english is most highly unlikely. thankyouverymuch.

  2. candyfloss3105 says:

    THIS IS NOT MY Sandwich.

  3. dogger008 says:

    Racism lol m sure i have watched the kumars at number 57 …. i guess were all racists then!! oh the Desmonds!! a few wise white cracks there too!!! its comedy you fucking fools!!!

  4. dogger008 says:

    oh bud bud bud bud bud

  5. Ahmed abbas says:

    Your recast

  6. WARSORE666 says:

    Basura de gag.

  7. Fernandosinm says:

    Solo es aceptable el Italiano, menuda mierda de video

  8. Teh Cheesecake says:

    Shut up you complete and utter moobs. the video is supposed to be a bit racist, it just makes it funny.

  9. DevilMaskedgirl101 says:

    Hurdy gurdy gurdy gurdy. Hurdy gurdy gurdy hurdy gurdy. Gurdy. LMAO

  10. Gottheit567 says:

    Clearly she was thinking Spain Spanish when she did the Spanish one.

  11. hereverydayadventure says:

    I wish the laughter wasn’t so loud

  12. allowthis123 says:

    163 people thought it was their sandwich

  13. BlueMonkeyzzz says:

    10000% stereo type

  14. justukyte says:

    This is not my sandwich.

  15. joefurt says:

    It’s funny and a little bit disturbing, how people come to these videos and have to have pissing matches with each other about whose country is better. Guess what, none of them are better than another. It is only land with imaginary borders. We are all people who have to eat, breathe and shit. If you’re an asshole, you’re an asshole no matter where you come from. And if you’re arguing that your country is better than another, you’re a fucking idiot.

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