Kayak Starlight Dancer

Clip van TopPop.

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24 Responses to Kayak Starlight Dancer

  1. DarthAyreon says:

    Max Werner wilde zelf niet meer zingen, dus ‘ze’ hebben er niks aan gedaan. Geweldig nummer!

  2. codenamejigsaw says:

    Geweldig !! Max Werner ,voor mij de Kayak ‘stem’ met Ton achter de toetsen ! Niks meer aan doen. hebben ze wel gedaan Jammerrrrrrr Sylvia

  3. DaDazey says:

    Hell is where Ad Visser plays Kayak all day and all night

  4. Ittamboy says:

    Are you normal ore NUTS?? this song is great

  5. Raveshaw2002 says:

    =D!!! youre right… KAYAK RUlES! :)

  6. ArtRock2006 says:

    One of my favourite songs from that wonderful decade. :)

  7. Ynnek18 says:

    Don’t exaggerate. Rick Wakeman is from another planet. Ton Scherpenzeel is ‘just’ very good. Kayak rules, anyway.

  8. klikoboef says:

    wereldnummer bedankt voor het plaatsen

  9. Jaap Baart says:

    you CAN see them because they are still touring through Holland, I’ve seen them in Hengelo last september 2008 and they are better then ever before….

  10. Jaap Baart says:

    Ben je wel verkeerd bezig. Die plaat hoort op je draaitafel en moet je helemaal grijs draaien. Je zolder is meer waard dan jij door hebt…..

  11. HammerMusic says:

    Great band! I bought this LP in Canada back in the days when I had hair on my head! They didn’t get any airplay here that I can recall, but my local music store had a wide selection of great music from Europe. I have a few albums by bands like this that were huge in Europe but mainly unknown in North America. I’m so happy to find this!

  12. jackobee63 says:

    Moet nog ergens op zolder platen van ze hebben liggen. Geweldige band

  13. boretti1307 says:

    Great band. Great song

  14. lardianisfandri says:

    i love this song

  15. wtonckens says:

    Now this is what I call music! No stupid video clips no animations, just performance on stage!

  16. generalacc . says:

    wonderful. Hoped i could see some old kayak someday. Thanx very very much!!!!!!

  17. phildefer0 says:

    Wonderful Max Werner !!!

  18. paranormalium88 says:

    Great band ane great song 😀

  19. Raveshaw2002 says:


  20. TheCryingMachine says:

    OMFG This song is ridiculously amazing!

  21. Hector Pimentel says:

    Another congratulation from México, can you upload “Irene”? please

  22. Jeffreyfbr88 says:

    Vet (H) Morgen de platen weer eens onder de naald leggen.

  23. folavrilmex says:

    Thank you so much for this, just beautiful. You made my day ! Greetings from Mexico. I love Kayak, always have, always will.

  24. slechtezaak says:

    hippe nederlandse band… nooit doen vergeten… aub

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