20 Replies to “KC in Intelligence Contest vs. High Pitch Eric (Vid)”

  1. Whats funny is when KC got more answers over Howard in the ‘biggest dink’ trivia. Howard calls him stupid, but got 0 points and KC got 2 or 3 right xD

  2. Howard is a guy who really knows how to play the game btw.When he worked w/O&A he put a gag order on them so they couldn’t talk about him and he’s done similar stuff to others,yet he acts like a champion for free speech.He acts like he invented everything and will not let anybody on his show who would even question him about it.He sells himself constantly and manipulates info to put himself in a positive light while downplaying his faults.

  3. KC is a good looking guy and it does affect how people perceive you.KC was hired as an intern though and they choose to keep him.For a guy being too good looking could actually be a problem.You’re better off being clean cut and professional.

  4. Networking is how most people get (decent) jobs and how a lot of business is done.For example when people are looking for someone for a job they tend to think of who they know and who they feel they can trust before they look at random people.Hiring people is a risky endeavor.Even if someone is very good at a job you don’t know how they’ll interact w/others or what their character is like.Teenage girls aren’t networking they’re talking and they make crap employees.

  5. Networking??? Yeah, teenage girls are full of “street smarts”, good thing the world isn’t full of people with “street smarts” or else we would all be drinking out of dog bowls and living in mud huts. “most people hire the guy who sells/carries himself better despite less skill”…. that is the unfortunate truth, just look at KC. I think what you are really trying to say is the guy who LOOKS better, “street smarts” is a way of saying “well you are smarter then me but I am prettier”.

  6. Street smarts is the ability to read people and knowing how to interact with others.Street smarts almost always makes more of a difference on how successful you are in life than book smarts.For example networking,knowing how to carry yourself around others, noticing when people are trying to manipulate you,etc.are all examples of street smarts.Unless you are in highly specialized field most people hire/promote the guy who sells/carries himself better despite less skill.

  7. “Street smarts” is just something that idiots and uneducated people say to make themselves feel better. What does that even mean?? That you are good at talking to people?? Tyra Banks is good at talking to people…. yeah she has some real street smarts that girl.

  8. From what I’ve read Mensa’s official test uses analytical thinking(pattern recognition) not general knowledge questions. So it would appear they don’t put much stock in general knowledge questions either. Most people will tell you there are 2 types of intelligence, book smarts and street smarts. I’d go further and say there are artists out there who might be brilliant at their craft but that aptitude might not translate to either of the two types of intelligence.

  9. KC proved he isnt nearly as stupid as they tried to play him out to be. It isn’t like he is Sal or something. I hate KC and hope that he dies in an alcohol and drug induced coma but he has got to be about the best looking guy that ever existed…. no homo. Seriously though, show me a guy who is better looking than KC??? Bet you cannot, I would sell both my nuts to look like him.

  10. “Some people do have a poor education but it doesn’t mean they’re stupid”…. yes it does, perhaps not naturally stupid but they are stupid in that they have not been informed of the world. Not everybody has social skills… female are much better off socially then males (on average) yet nobody would claim they are smarter then males. Information retention ability is the primary attribute of intelligence, if you have lack of access to information, or cannot retain it, then you are stupid.

  11. Some people do have a poor education but it doesn’t mean they’re stupid. Some people also focus their attention into other avenues. I’ve met people who are book smart who have no common sense and lack social skills.

  12. It can be reasonably assumed that if you do not have a basic knowledge of history or recent events then you are probably not too intelligent. Many different areas of knowledge can make a legitimate questions when trying to deterime someones intelligence as retention of information is one of the definining characteristics of intelligence. IQ aside, you cannot really consider yourself an educated person if you are an American who does not know who wrote the Declaration of Independence etc.

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