Keene Systems, A Recognized Leader In ASP.NET Web Applications, Examines The Advantages To Using ASP.NET And Visual Studio To Develop Web Applications

Plymouth, NH (PRWEB) April 23, 2015

It’s easy to fall into the latest trends and the newest frameworks and tools in web development.

The problem is that the flavor of the month of frameworks and tools that are cluttering the web development landscape are long on promise and short on track record for delivery – Lance Keene, Keene Systems.

Keene Systems reviews seven reasons to choose the tried and true frameworks of ASP.NET and Visual Studio.

1. Visual Studio set the standard for web development and continues to maintain that standard.

2. There are many starter projects and systems available for some of the trickier problems like CRM and Ecommerce. These starter systems can save one from having to write code in the early stages of the game because it’s already been done.

3. Ecosystem: there are multiple ecosystems that have libraries of prefabricated widgets that can be integrated with a click, drag and drop.

4. Scalability: within minutes code can be put on thousands of servers with the help of Azure integration.

5. Debugging: ASP.NET and Visual Studio have been in place for over a decade and they have always had great debugging tools and they work well with additional third party debugging tools.

6. Security: ASP.NET has an expansive range of system authentication security options including aligning with other providers like Facebook and Gmail.

7. Framework: not all framework is created equally. ASP.NET gives the most flexibility in terms of integration while giving the full power of Windows.

ASP.NET and Visual Studio have been in place since early 2002 and they have proven their reliability. Its a robust, rock solid foundation upon which you can build anything your imagination can conceive – Lance Keene, Keene Systems. Take a good look at all it has to offer before jumping on the flavor of the week bandwagon.

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Keene Systems is a recognized leader in custom ASP.NET web development services. For over 25 years, Keene Systems highly skilled technology team has helped companies solve complex business problems with customized software applications that also take full advantage of the best-in-class packaged components.

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