Kemper America Introduces Spark TRAP A New Welding Exhaust System Product

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

Kemper America, an industry leading supplier of welding exhaust systems has introduced a new line of welding ventilation products. The product is called the Spark TRAP separator which is designed to prevent filter fires and extend the life of welding exhaust filters. Welding and metal fabricating operations routinely generate large amounts of glowing particles and flying sparks which can cause fires in welding exhaust filters. The Kemper Spark TRAP separates sparks and larger items, such as cigarettes, before they reach the smoke filter material. This separation process reduces the possibility of a filter fire which increases filter life and increases workplace safety.

Welding exhaust filters are protected by the Spark TRAP systems swirling air design that accelerates exhaust gases and sparks up to 100mph. This high speed swirling action allows the separation of sparks and larger glowing particles from the airstream and redirects them into a collection tank. The collection tank can be removed and emptied even while the Spark TRAP is running. The Spark TRAPs benefits include: almost total separation of sparks and large particles, reduction of filter fires, longer filter life, reduced operating costs, easy installation, use of existing duct work, removal of the collection tank during operation and an optional spark detection system. This remarkable product is a valuable addition to Kemper Americas line of welding exhaust products that improve workplace environmental safety.

If welding fumes, smoke and gases are not evacuated from a welders work area, they can adversely impact the health of workers in the area who breathe this dangerous polluted air. Prolonged exposure to toxic welding smoke can cause serious illnesses such as bronchitis, edema (fluid in the lungs), emphysema, and several types of cancers. Kemper Americas extensive line of OSHA compliant welding fume control products keeps work areas free of toxic welding smoke and keeps workers safe.

Kemper Americas industry leading welding fume extraction products such as welding exhaust arms, exhaust fans, fume hoods, cutting and welding tables, welding booths, welding curtains, and filter units can keep even the most intensive welding operations virtually smoke free. The company provides complete sales and service plus a full complement of accessories for Kemper welding exhaust products. Kemper Americas website and online catalog provide easy access to descriptions and specifications for all of Kemper America products and accessories.

Ben Howell, Kemper Americas President, commented on the Spark TRAP. Our new Spark TRAP product provides our customers with a system that helps to extend the life of our filters by reducing the chance of filter fires by removing the sparks and red hot particles from welding and grinding exhaust. By extending the life of welding exhaust filters, companies can reduce their operational expenses. We know that the Spark TRAP is a terrific addition to our line of welding exhaust products because it reduces operational costs while enhancing safety on the shop floor.

Kemper America is a leading supplier of welding exhaust products and custom solutions for welding smoke removal and personal safety. Kemper America is dedicated to providing OSHA standard quality products to welders to prevent health risks from smoke inhalation and protection from welding heat, IR/UV rays and welding spatter. Kemper America is located at 5910 Shiloh Road East, Suite 114, Alpharetta, GA 30005. The company can be reached by email and toll free: 1-800-756-5367. Website and online web marketing is provided by Atlanta SEO Company,Interactive Search Marketing.

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