Kerbal Space Program – #038 – Orbital Rendezvous

Welcome back to Kerbal Space Program! In KSP, you’re responsible for building, launching and flying rockets in your own fledgling space program on planet Kerbin. In the latest version (0.16), released on July 20th, the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon walk, extra-vehicular activities (EVAs) have been added! Today we start with the second stage of our orbital rendezvous testing, by launching Jebini 2 with Bill Kerman aboard to try to catch up and meet Jeb Kerman for an in-orbit ballet! Precise timings and piloting is necessary for such a bold mission… two qualities which are obviously missing from my skill set. Thanks for watching! Please “Like” if you liked, subscribe if you’re not already and let me know what you think in the comments! Get Kerbal Space Program: Intro Music “Five Armies” by Kevin MacLeod –
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21 thoughts on “Kerbal Space Program – #038 – Orbital Rendezvous

  1. Well obviously, no comment was removed so that caused me to write the comment where you, quote on quote “making stuff up”. And you are still as, if not more pathetic as I wrote in my previous comment.

  2. “Making stuff up” And how is this making stuff up, Hmm? He can un-revoke it, Which he obviously did, if you had not noticed. It’s not very wise to cut into a conversation you know nothing about. You’re just looking for a fight. You sir, is the one who is, as you said; “Pathetic.”

  3. That all being said, I would be glad to teach you how to properly perform orbital rendezvous, including techniques on saving thruster fuel, station keeping and even rolling into docking attitude so that you are prepared when .18 is released. I would also like to recommend a thread on the Kerbal forums entitled, “Orbital Rendezvous Made Easy”. That may help you understand intercept burn distances. I personally think you should learn this all manually *first*, without using MechJeb.

  4. Kurt, I must say, I am very disappointed in you. This video is deceptively titled, “Orbital Rendezvous”, as it is 30 minutes of you *not doing rendezvous*. It is not a hard skill to master. I recommend you do some practice before releasing videos of this kind. You should learn basic space-flight skills. Why so many people watch your videos is a mystery to me. I don’t wish to be overly rude, but I do stress the idea that you please learn what you’re doing before you release it.

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