Kerbal Space Program – #069 – Fun with Airplanes by Heyitstass

KSP aircraft in this episode by Heyitstass: Let’s Play Kerbal Space Program! In this video game you’re responsible for buil…

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25 Responses to Kerbal Space Program – #069 – Fun with Airplanes by Heyitstass

  1. 30769s says:

    Reached the ceiling height in 15.45 I bet!

  2. insertavatarhere says:

    We use syllables. Break it up into NUC-LE-AR. Not NUC-U-LAR. Sorry to be a pedant but this is one word I just cant stand hearing wrong, they even do it on TV

  3. brown pooperson says:

    -___- we cant hear you pronounce it 

  4. amaher547 says:

    *sighs again*

  5. amaher547 says:


  6. IamhumanSasquatch says:

    Nothing wrong with ponies. Discord is a BAMF because chocolate rain and chaos and shit.

  7. Discord Draconequus says:

    I am not one to make ponies hurt or suffer, mere chaos is my gift. My Little Ponies are quite nice.

  8. amaher547 says:


  9. NOMOETOE says:

    actually discord got turned good so yay :D

  10. amaher547 says:

    oh god,*pukes* I just googled your username and it is mlp related! but you’re the bad guy who tries to makes the ponies lives living hell and kills them so, keep that up! And CoD also sucks horse dick *no pun intended*

  11. amaher547 says:

    dafuq is a draconequus? is it some guys name? I hope its not mlp related -_-

  12. insertavatarhere says:

    its pronounced NUCLEAR!!!

  13. zwinky588 says:

    They do look very similar, I can understand how he confused the two.

  14. RagingRandomEye says:


  15. UmBongo50 says:

    epic landing

  16. UmBongo50 says:

    it would’ve been more epic if kurt saved them

  17. UmBongo50 says:

    I think the winglet is better than kurt at flying

  18. Miles Treleven says:

    Quick! Think of something witty about planes! Uh, plane words! The CB25SU9 Is the best model ever. It goes brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbbrbrooooooom

  19. Becausebacon1221 says:

    How do you turn on fine tune controls?

  20. CaptTeK2 says:

    That….is actually pretty damn close to the A-10’s GAU-8 sound you did there Harv.. You sure you’re not a A-19 yourself? XD

  21. TheCreeperInc says:

    all arguments have become invalid

  22. BlackFlame208 says:

    I would want to play this game more if there was actual landscape to enjoy. everything is so flat and lacking detail. The main kerbal world needs forests. There should be more unique geographical features on the other planets, like fissure lines, and canyons, and large cracked deserts.

  23. WaffenSSComander says:

    nope 2 different planes

  24. CrazyThePeople says:

    Yeah. Everyone always gets this mixed up. I am glad someone else on the internet actually knows that too

  25. Matt Smith says:


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