Kerbal Space Program – 100% Stock Helicopter

MeticulousMitch did his best mad scientist impersonation when he posted this 100% stock Helicopter design to the Kerbal Space Program forums. The key innovat…
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24 Responses to Kerbal Space Program – 100% Stock Helicopter

  1. fghacbs says:

    Get to tha CHOPPAAAA!

  2. Alexandre Beauvais says:

    @MrCybermut Actually the rocket there is meant to counteract the spinning, it just needed the power to be reduced

  3. Tom Landry says:

    Says a guy with a minecraft profile image XD.

  4. destand15 says:

    labia half of you dont know what that is

  5. VermothiaX says:

    “How close are we getting?” *BOOM BOOM* “Excellent! AHA!!!”

  6. RMJ1984 says:

    Loooooooool. and then the roter takes off alone haha, now i got food all over my monitor. way to funny.

  7. RMJ1984 says:

    Something that took Kerbals months maybe years to build!. Took Scoot less than 2½ minute to crash lol.

  8. mercenarieboy says:

    Yes but it was putting to much power in and overcoming the torque of the rotor spinning it in the opposite direction of the rotor.

  9. E.E. Knots says:

    Without using any modded parts

  10. xTHExSINGULARITYx says:

    Yes flying is easy but starting it up off the top of your head and knowing what your doing isnt.

  11. kramyful says:

    what does stock mean?

  12. niliq says:

    3:00: As a genuine helicopter pilot I can assure you this happens to real helicopters all the time.

  13. AnAmericanDodo says:

    Flying in blackshark is easy, it is using the weapons systems while flying which is hard.

  14. judelco says:

    I cant stop laughing

  15. stabingAdragon says:

    Fly safe …….just not in that helicopter.

  16. LTAlter says:

    try braking the wheels, it will slow the bearing. 

  17. zarakon says:

    VincentLaw made a stock helicopter several months before this with a different bearing system, and dual counter-rotating blades. It doesn’t run quite as smoothly, but it’s much easier to fly. Check out the links at the top of page 4 of the thread linked in this video’s info.

  18. ParaglidingManiac says:

    I had a bad morning, but you made my day!:)

  19. larkeyyammer says:

    Ah, right, I was thinking along the lines of an actual helicopter, with an actual engine.

  20. Emilio-Kodjo Bouley says:

    Now THAT is a Kerbal landing ! How does the initial blade rotation starts ? @Jacek1991 I belive you used winglets turbine-like ?

  21. Solarspot0287 says:

    Are you sure? The rotors had their own motors, so friction in the bearing would tend to pull the rest of the vehicle in the same direction. It looked to me like the back motor was pushing opposite the direction of the rotor, which helps offset it.

  22. larkeyyammer says:

    If you look closely, you can see that the tail rotor was pointing the wrong way. It should have been on the other side, pushing to the left.

  23. Bloodraven216 says:

    Freaking Brilliant xD

  24. Robert Solu says:

    And for the 3 seconds it took to read your comment I was screaming YOUR TALKING TO A COMPUTER. Ironic I know.

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