Kerbal Space Program – 100% Stock Helicopter

MeticulousMitch did his best mad scientist impersonation when he posted this 100% stock Helicopter design to the Kerbal Space Program forums. The key innovat…
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24 thoughts on “Kerbal Space Program – 100% Stock Helicopter

  1. VincentLaw made a stock helicopter several months before this with a different bearing system, and dual counter-rotating blades. It doesn’t run quite as smoothly, but it’s much easier to fly. Check out the links at the top of page 4 of the thread linked in this video’s info.

  2. Are you sure? The rotors had their own motors, so friction in the bearing would tend to pull the rest of the vehicle in the same direction. It looked to me like the back motor was pushing opposite the direction of the rotor, which helps offset it.

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