Kerbal Space Program – Airhogging – Abusing Air Intakes

12 Ramscoop Intakes Feeding one Engine means I can take an air breathing engine up to orbital speeds and altitudes.

19 thoughts on “Kerbal Space Program – Airhogging – Abusing Air Intakes

  1. From your comments, it seems like you’re thinking of the Star Trek universe, where warp 10 is supposed to be unattainable. Could you have mixed the figures up maybe?

  2. The meter has been redefined based on the speed of light in a vacuum, because that is always constant. The speed of light is 300,000,000 meters per second, which is 299 million rounded to one significant digit.

  3. Im not going to answer simply becasue you gotta be a fucking 12 year old xbox gamer who only quickscopes on MW3 or something with that cancerous 9gag name. Fuck off and die.

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