Kerbal Space Program – Orbital Experiments

Kerbal Space Program - Orbital Experiments

A new game that is right up my alley: Kerbal Space Program! Many of you suggested I try this indie game currently in its early stages of development. In KSP, you’re responsible for building, launching and flying rockets in your own fledgling space program on planet Kerbin. This early version is light on components and only has simple sandbox style gameplay, but I can foresee exciting things ahead as this game continues through development. In today’s episode we launch into our second orbital mission to perfect the art of circularizing your orbit, and test out a few orbital mechanics along the way. Thanks for watching! Please “Like” if you could, subscribe if you’re not already and let me know what you think in the comments! Get Kerbal Space Program:

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21 Responses to Kerbal Space Program – Orbital Experiments

  1. thomas0comer says:

    You only need like 12km/s to escape Kerbin.

  2. A Percival says:

    @2:18/ 2:19, the image is what Kurt uses in his later title video

  3. A Percival says:

    i did similar, but with a less powerful rocket, somehow.

  4. koolkid1333 says:

    watching this while listening to theme from october sky… Awesome!

  5. KidOfReviews says:

    kurt heres some incentive to keep playing this game and i am not lying *eyes shift left to right* if you go to 10000000000 K away from the starting planet you see a cube planet :3

  6. Dragonborn369 says:

    Holy shit it does!

  7. dragoner111 says:

    Better than challenger….

  8. TheChzcake says:

    I did that on accident. I meant to send them to the moon, but I ended up slinging them into the Sun orbit. Last time I checked it was at 54 days.

  9. 1337spacemarines says:

    at 07:19, the dust cloud on the right of the screen looks like Charles Darwin!

  10. darkprometheus112 says:

    i know you have like…30 more videos but to make it more realistic, i’ve seen mods that allows you to work it like a computer is on the craft and you type in the movements you want and it will correct for you using SAS/RAS modules on your craft

  11. maloney670 says:

    Does the Earth rotate in this ??

  12. ymmerboyz says:

    Im hutling them out of the suns orbit….

  13. ProgectG says:

    I get into orbit, but then I cant resist hurtling them out of earths orbit so they have to orbit the sun for all eternity.

  14. 358thorn says:

    People don’t, maybe the Kerbals do. Although you have a point.

  15. Jake Hopkins says:

    Yeah, done that. And it was supposed to be a suborbital flight, too! I figure I put a *smidgen* too much power behind that one.

  16. CmdIoseph says:

    What if i told you, I accidently, made my kerb orbit around the sun?! I made my ship slingshot the earth, pass by the mun and get caught in the Sun gravitional pull. Poor Kerby :(

  17. KillerDrone737 says:

    Cool but next time get to the moon

  18. McBlemmen says:

    you cant build planes and alot of components becouse you have the demo.

  19. smeegsmodge says:

    new series: mun or bust

  20. IPlayPokemonSleeping says:

    They were talking amongst themselves while eating a turkey sandwich for a SNACK, it was only what, four hours in? Unless they didn’t eat breakfast in the morning they wouldn’t be that hungry.

  21. thedavide00 says:

    I’d love to change the kerbal’s orbit to their star by orbiting MASSIVE object by kerbal… Same with the moon, A GIANT CRASH ON KERBAL! But that would make it one million times the Coding…

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