Kerbal Space Program: Research & Destruction

Just what I needed: a thing that can destroy planets. And you can have it too: Music (in order): Feelin Good – Kevi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Kerbal Space Program: Research & Destruction

  1. @odsyvon for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there also… ive been playing this game all week its worth a look >>

  2. my gawd… so much makes sense now………. that must mean danny lives on that one planet or moon or whatever… as the kraken.. or maybe thats his lesser half known brother kroken and the devs simply mistook them for eachother… hmm.. food for thought i supose

  3. how to become a billionare… Step 1: Build a crash proof capsule on KSP Step 2: test it Step 3: Give the design to NASA Step 4: if it works you are a billionare 😀

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