Kerbal Space Program: Research & Destruction

Just what I needed: a thing that can destroy planets. And you can have it too: Music (in order): Feelin Good – Kevi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Kerbal Space Program: Research & Destruction

  1. ninjatakes4321 says:

    because power of bitches

  2. buttface3535 says:

    loll nice joke

  3. Broccolli Slayer says:


  4. Ian Ulanday says:

    Ever seen that movie “Contact”

  5. Santeri Peltokangas says:

    Hey, do you see the dislike bar? Me neither!

  6. ulquiorra shiffer says:

    @odsyvon for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there also… ive been playing this game all week its worth a look >>

  7. Jebediah Kerman says:

    Wait- What about me?

  8. EinSammelsurium says:

    1:00 – new game: Kerbal Egg Drop.

  9. buttface3535 says:

    not even thats like 1/8 of light speed

  10. JustLetMeComment80 says:

    Debug toolbar? Built in, it’s a keyboard shortcut.

  11. jordanaussie1 says:

    what was that mod he used? 

  12. soldier2975 says:

    Kerbol must have had a supernova.

  13. xXSquidStudiosXx says:

    Call it “danny’s lance” ;D

  14. xXSquidStudiosXx says:

    No, stahp don’t give him ideas!

  15. thegary5151 says:

    umm sience?

  16. WillTheWolfLover says:

    These are hilarious! Subbed!

  17. tigresssharplesl says:

    my gawd… so much makes sense now………. that must mean danny lives on that one planet or moon or whatever… as the kraken.. or maybe thats his lesser half known brother kroken and the devs simply mistook them for eachother… hmm.. food for thought i supose

  18. Noah Seyarn says:

    Thats will create a huge black hole which destroy your computer. Er, in fact, I don’t know ^^’

  19. nathanfishing3000 says:

    how to become a billionare… Step 1: Build a crash proof capsule on KSP Step 2: test it Step 3: Give the design to NASA Step 4: if it works you are a billionare 😀

  20. DaSquareful says:

    I came here for KSP, why I subscribed I have no idea.

  21. ISSExcelsior2863A says:

    im going to try this! 😀 

  22. ben1996123 says:

    what happens if you crash 2 of them into each other?

  23. Keelan Riley says:

    Cause Danny is the Kraken! Everyone knows that!

  24. gold luck says:

    danny knows whats funny and what is not

  25. thedemonslayer51 says:

    Your image is very creative, I like it.

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