Kevin Stein’s “The Business Shaman”

Kevin Stein’s “The Business Shaman”
Event on 2014-01-28 18:30:00


How Proven Ancient Wisdom Techniques Can Expand Your Organization, Professional, and Personal Success…

Join Hollywood based TV/Video and Marketing Expert, anthropologist and futurist Kevin Stein for a fascinating evening exploring the potential for the future of business based on ancient Shamanic wisdom, drawn from his forthcoming book "The Business Shaman".

  • Does the market have mind?
  • Why is social media the new cave painting?
  • What does the best business strategy and hunting magic have in common?
  • How can you access the secrets of the original knowledge-based system?
  • Why is your future business success based on a need to change its “org chart” model to a “rainforest” eco-system?
  • How does the invention of fire and language relate to igniting innovation and creativity?
  • Are there healthy ally spirits behind your corporate mission statement?
  • How do the new tribal value systems generate viral wealth?
  • Why are brand logos the new clan symbols?
  • If your customers are already members of tribes, how do you learn to be a tribal business?
  • Is the future more predictable based on the best business books, case studies, gurus or recognizing the roles of luck and chance 


Traditional business and management strategy, books, and experts ignore the fact that consumers are a species whose needs have not changed very much for at least 100,000 years. We still want all the “creature comforts” in a world where our actions are based on survival instincts that serve us being well fed, satiated by human relationships, and not threatened. And who can argue that innovations like the invention of fire, art, and human society are hard to top? Sure, the computer chip, modern media, transportation, and communication have extended our senses and improved the lives of many inhabitants on the planet.

But, technological advances have created even more of a need to learn from the past in order to develop workable scenarios for a survivable, expansive future. In particular, tribal societies whose survival is based on practical knowledge have existed in a continuum for at least forty to fifty thousand years in places like the Amazon, Australia, and South Africa, where they have maintained through a very simple approach to strategy—whatever works “works” and what is useful is never thrown away. The tradition of shamanism is one such key component to being human that has survived from the dawn of humanity on the African savannah to the creative explosion in caves of the Upper Paleolithic and now to modern day, urban Business Shaman.

From the boardroom and shareholder meetings to the City of London and Wall Street—from digital and social media marketing to the open organization—the business leader of the future cannot lead simply by adopting the latest, trending business strategy or management guru, but needs to lead as if by magic.

Today’s business environment is an eco-system that is more similar to the rainforest and its inhabitants than to an org chart, and this workshop will provide a roadmap to the future of business—all laid out in a step-by-step, practical, “Cave Mind” Operating System™.


Media and marketing ethnographer and futurist, Kevin Stein, is uniquely qualified to act as your guide into the world of the Business Shaman. With a background that combines traditional broadcast media and film at HBO, CBS, and other major US media companies with technology and digital marketing, Stein’s expertise also includes training as a clinical psychologist and anthropologist. His fieldwork has taken him to work and live with indigenous people in North and South America as well as in Africa. In addition, he has studied with numerous traditional healers and shamans, is an expert on world rock art, and has taught at Harvard Alumni College, Carnegie Mellon, Cal Arts, UCLA, and the University of Southern California.  

Kevin is a co-founder of the new marketing portal and business operating platform for Thought Leaders and Metaphysical Teachers SourceTV alongside entrepreneur and Dragons' Den star Rachel Elnaugh.


6.30pm – Doors open, Networking

7.00pm – Kevin Stein

8.30pm – Question and Answer Session

9.00pm – Networking and opportunity to meet Kevin

9.30pm – Event ends


The British Museum

The event and venue are correct at the time of publishing.  In the unlikely occurrence of the event being cancelled our liability is limited to the cost of the ticket purchased.


at The British Museum
Great Russell Street
Bloomsbury, United Kingdom

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