Key Patent Filed for Revolutionary New Way to Monetize Chat

Vancouver BC, Canada (PRWEB) July 17, 2014

Nextwave Software has completed a key IP filing to monetize instant messaging and make it a primary consumer purchase point for e-commerce. Nextwave will be incorporating this revolutionary e-commerce technology into its new Smart Messaging Service launching to public beta this fall.

Were about to add the fuel to the fire to completely disrupt the over-the-top (OTT) messaging space, said Nextwave CEO, Christopher Boothroyd. He continued: The best way to disrupt and change this market is to finally bring real e-commerce into chat in a way that is fluid and non-disruptive to the flow of the conversation. Ads do not work in messaging apps, and marketers are left with cumbersome methods tacked on to group messaging. Consequently, we havent seen any significant revenue yet from the big North American players beyond sticker sales, channels and mediocre HTML integrations.

The patent filing centers around the novel use of an artificially intelligent agent which is a key part of the Walkabout Smart Messaging Service. The agent interacts unobtrusively with users in the chat to curate an understanding of each users interests with current and possible future needs, creating and maintaining a constantly evolving user state. The Walkabout agent can assist chat groups in responding, predicting and suggesting suitable sources of products and services of interest that are in context, relevant and in line with the conversation.

The key here was to figure out the way to have the agent be a welcome part of the conversation without being obtrusive or keeping it outside the conversation, said Corey Auger, CTO of Nextwave. This new IP is unique, clever and comfortable in its participation in the conversation without an overarching user sense of privacy invasion. The agent has the users back at all times and truly is a concierge in the cloud.

The messaging space is rife with jockeying by all the major social networking and e-commerce providers for consumer attention. According to TechCrunch, in 2014 alone this space has witnessed unprecedented investment and consolidation with Alibabas $ 215M investment into Tango, Vibers $ 1B exit to Rakuten and the $ 19B acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook. This has created tremendous demand for context-aware messaging features. The messaging space and e-commerce are on a collision course to change the way social networking influences purchase decisions, potentially enabling retailers to influence the very moment of consumer product and service selection during the chat.

Weve begun our Walkabout agent integrations with the first in class social networking and online retailers across a number of product and service verticals including Facebook and Amazon, said Boothroyd.The response from our early beta testers has been overwhelmingly positive and its already demonstrating the potential of immediate and significant revenue for retailers, driven through chat.


As the leaders in next generation messaging technology, were creating a revolutionary platform that will make life simpler and richer. By using our smart messaging technology to harness the all the internet has to offer, Walkabout delivers better conversations and better informed consumer decisions. Join our beta Invite at and stay tuned.

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