Key & Peele: Obama’s Anger Translator – On the Town Hall Debate

Does Obama even need his Anger Translator anymore? The president and Luther talk about Obama’s performance in the second debate.

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23 Responses to Key & Peele: Obama’s Anger Translator – On the Town Hall Debate

  1. cyke33 says:

    That’s it, that’s it watching these are as bad as watching BAT MAN videos. I’m leaving now.

  2. skydiva053 says:

    it is true tho sometimes u just gotta let a nigga finish his sentence…lol….why did he have his hand up and pointed the whole time?

  3. St nicholas says:

    “i got my swagger back bitches boom” that is funny as hell i will never forget that

  4. nsternat2253 says:

    It’s like we watched the same video!

  5. FullRNBsong says:

    @ldbfdbf Yeah this website here is just giving out 100% free White Apple iPad 2’s for today only. But you do have to be from the U.S though but it is legit, I claimed my one just before. Better hurry up!

  6. lolness1337 says:

    Obama liked this vid.

  7. Rich K says:

    lol “Or Joe Biden says any thing”

  8. SoccerLegend1114 says:

    Ima give you the angry eyes

  9. jacobhogan55 says:

    He sounds just like Obama

  10. RyuIsCrazy says:

    0:39 Right before he said “Looper” I knew he was gunna say “Looper” xD Great Movie!

  11. Bobby Burm says:

    I love his eyes at 1:26 xD

  12. johancakep says:


  13. Robert Whittaker says:

    I got tweets for that! You best follow me! Or I’ll follow you.

  14. megabrettster1 says:

    Some times you just gotta let a nigga finish his sentence LMFAO!!

  15. Nick Henrich says:

    deaf people, you only need to read the comments and you will get it.

  16. Major Payne says:

    Or when Joe Biden SAYS ANYTHING!

  17. DLMiralles says:

    1:48 to the end… ROFL

  18. kas crump says:

    He does a good odama he sounds excact

  19. TheMumRawkz says:

    I’m an American citizen and I think this comment is terrible.

  20. Kyle Ortiz says:

    I am Obama cosine and I think this is terrible

  21. Daniel Brennan says:

    Damn, if I had enough money I’d probably hire Luthor just for that epic ‘BOOM!’ every time I win an argument

  22. bingbang881 says:

    Imagine if people re-elected Obama just to continue this?! xD

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