Key & Peele: Obama’s Anger Translator – The Last Four Years

Luther the Anger Translator wants everyone to know we killed America’s biggest enemy.

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23 Responses to Key & Peele: Obama’s Anger Translator – The Last Four Years

  1. TheAgentAssassin says:

    how have I missed this? It’s fucking hilarious

  2. bradleyrocks618 says:

    Key and peele are a couple of obama loving halfricans plz give em a show so they can pump up the socialists that’s gonna make us into a communist nation plzz can’t wait til obamas voted out so they can quit this obama lover shit… what a couple of idiots

  3. mikamajik08 says:

    I am amazed at how good that Obama impersonation is. Utterly floored. 0.0

  4. masterbennthere says:

    I didn’t laugh. Maybe I’m too smart to laugh at grown men acting like monkeys.

  5. lordblazer says:

    lmao they pulled out their black cards XD

  6. thedood1980 says:

    @Diva380 luv Luther didn’t care for coach hines. ponder

  7. thedood1980 says:

    1:15 best part

  8. TheSkullkidChannel says:

    Killed Osama In His Face…..Seems Logical

  9. Diva380 says:

    Agreed. Also, whenever he points at his face and scolds himself. Coach Hines did that too. I suspect they’re distantly related, lol…

  10. politicalscientist99 says:

    Kilt him in his FACE! XD

  11. VCUBOiii says:

    uh check …did that…. BOOM

  12. kupigana says:

    Bring it down Luther…..

  13. zentopia7 says:

    BLACK PEOPLE ROCK! (just sayin’)

  14. ArIke475 says:

    Can a N*gger get a lozenge?

  15. 18kylebusch1 says:

    lol! 1:16 is it nesscary to do that? haha!

  16. chikolao1 says:

    Luther doing the coach hines kick here..nice

  17. verticalsmurf says:

    And Michelles response through her own anger management counsel (Agnes) is?

  18. AmIBenjaminBreeg says:

    Obama loves this xD >_> said so on fallon lol

  19. SUPREMEMiJ says:

    how they come up with that stuff… it’s soooooooooooooo funny

  20. Grace Wells says:

    this one was my favorite

  21. PlaidNGlasses says:

    Keegan pulling a coach hines 1:16.

  22. adinaJN123 says:

    He is one of the best impersonators out there!

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